Affordable Renovation Solutions for Big Families

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Big families usually have big homes and need to spread their budget over a larger group of people.

Finding ways to upgrade a family home without going over budget can be a major concern. Everyone wants to get a return on their investment when it comes to home improvements, but for big families where every dollar counts, it’s an even bigger consideration.

Many home upgrades can have the double financial benefit of saving you money now and allowing you to ask for more money when you go to sell your house, which is great for anyone, big family or small.

Affordable Renovation Solutions for Big Families

  • Keep that Heat In

    When you have a big family and have a larger home, utility bills are always something you’re looking to cut whenever possible.

    A great way to help yourself warm now and down the road when it’s time to sell, is to add an extra layer of insulation in your attic. This might not have the wow factor of an in-ground pool or a new paint job, but it will start paying dividends immediately.

    For about $1500 you can roll out new insulation across an entire large attic and do it all in a single weekend.

  • Safe and Sound

    If you have a big family, you’re almost certainly concerned about their safety, security, and overall wellbeing.

    Adding a security system with cameras and monitoring will give you the peace of mind you need when you put your head on the pillow at night.

    Install a system that lets you also monitor the camera views yourself via the internet or a mobile app and you can check out what goes on at the house even when you’re not there.

    Compare prices with small and local stores so you can get cheap home security vs the big guys.

    Check with your insurance company before you choose a system as this might also be a money saver for you and of course something you can advertise when you go to sell.

  • Now for a little Wow

    Adding new doors and windows can also save you on heating a cooling, but a full scale job like that can be pricey.

    Add a new front door and you get an immediate upgrade to your curb appeal while doing a little weather sealing at the same time.

    When you go to sell, be sure people use the front door so that it gets the recognition it deserves.

There are a lot of things you can do to upgrade your home on almost any budget and many will give you a very nice return on your investment.

Do a little research and aim for something that will help your wallet and make you happy at the same time.

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