Affordable Ways to Increase Motivation in Your Business

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As a business owner, you may find that increasing motivation among your employees can cause a financial burden on your business.

Although it is highly encouraged to set aside a budget for employee incentives, there are many ways you can create positive outcomes with little to no costs.

Below are four approaches you can take to give your employees a motivation boost without breaking the bank:

Affordable Ways to Increase Motivation in Your Business

  1. Appreciate Their Contributions to Your Business

    One of the best ways to encourage your employees to persist with high efforts is to openly recognize their outstanding contributions to the business’s success as well as any grand milestones he or she may have accomplished recently or in the past.

    Many people will argue that appreciation should be recompensed with a monetary reward. Although it is valid to suggest that money will produce a greater appeal for the employee, intangible recognition will still be an effective method to raise a person’s motivation. Since the non-monetary type of recognition has no particular limit, unlike the monetary approach, you may implement it as much as you like.

    During the occasion of announcing an employee’s recognition, it is a good idea to communicate it through social platforms like your business’s social media pages where everyone will be able to see and commend the employee for his or her remarkable achievements.

  2. Offer Volunteering Opportunities

    Another innovative way to inspire your employees to work hard is by allowing them to dedicate a portion of their work hours to volunteering opportunities without a reduction in their wages. This incentive would give them the time to make a difference in their community and grant them a sense of fulfillment.

    Employees who are given a sense of meaning and fulfillment at work perform tasks at a higher pace due to an elevation in self-esteem, making them keener towards their responsibilities.

    Offering your employees the opportunity to take time off of work to give back to the community will boost their morale by filling in the void of needing a purpose and facilitate a stronger connection between their community and their workplace.

  3. Provide Refreshing Tasks

    Many employers think that by constantly assigning their employees to tasks they enjoy it would somehow render more motivation as a result. It is certainly true that giving your employees duties that would make them feel satisfied will generally prompt a greater effort, however, there is a caveat to this line of thinking.

    If a person finds himself doing the same pleasurable task every day for an extended time, it will eventually become repetitive and he may quickly lose interest in that which was once fulfilling.

    To prevent this from happening you must ensure that your employees receive a diverse set of activities during the day. This would provide them with refreshing tasks that will stimulate their mind and compel them to think critically.

  4. Arrange Lunch Meetings

    The last technique for increasing motivation in your business is to arrange lunch meetings with your employees and senior executives. Even though these meetings will require you to pay for lunch, the amount is negligible compared to other expenses for your business. Such meetings with a senior executive will encourage your employees to work harder and compete for recognition.

    Whether it is the CEO of the business or any respectable chairman, having lunch with an executive will pave the way for earning new positions and give your employees the privilege of being acknowledged. Additionally, your employees may be given agile coaching by the executives. You may ask, “what is agile coaching?” It is a revolutionary method to assist your employees to grow as individuals through professional mentorship. This will respectively optimize the functions of your business and help you achieve short-term goals in the most efficient manner.

    This low-cost incentive is a way to thank your employees for exceeding your expectations. A lunch meeting is a significant gesture that can potentially elevate your employee’s confidence in the workplace.


If you are a business owner looking for new, affordable ways to restore employee motivation, the aforementioned strategies are worth consideration. They are exceptionally beneficial, involves virtually no risk, and the best part about it is that you will not have to spend tons of money to heighten business performance and generate more profits.

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