Alcohol Is More Dangerous Than Heroin And Crack

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Alcohol is the most dangerous of all the known drugs in the world, more dangerous than heroin and crack cocaine. That’s the finding of a research done by Professor David J Nutt – the name is real – of the prestigious institution of London’s Imperial College, a university globally renowned as a place of scientific excellence.

You have to be a real nut to say something bad about the almighty alcohol that many people in the world drink more than water. For the majority, that’s too dangerous a subject to even talk about.


No matter what your social and financial standing is in the society, whether you can afford it or not, alcohol is an essential part of everyone’s life, from the age when it becomes legal for the individual til the human is laid down to final rest six feet under if not burned to ashes.

  • Alcohol is color blind, Alcohol knows no prejudice

    Debt is color blind, Debt knows no prejudice. And so is alcohol. I don’t see “no difference.”

    Alcohol and debt, in many cases, go together.

    Alcohol has led many to get into heavy debt. It has bled many folks to financial dryness. It has led many to being homeless and to their eventual death with no one to grieve on their miserable life.

    Some states take care of the body. They burn it to ashes. Mind you I am not using the word “cremate.”

  • Look at the picture

    Whether they say it out loud or not, in many societies, that’s considered cream of the crop. Look at her. She can be sitting there with literally no life in her.

    I can imagine when she started drinking in that club, she must have been very proud to drink so much. She must have felt so “manly” and so human which for some reason is considered by many as the best among all species.

    She is down to nothing. She may not be alcoholic but she may have started as a social drinker. She can be picked up like the lady of the evening. She can be taken advantage of without paying her a dime. And then she would cry “I was raped.” She would be ashamed the next morning not because she was drunk and unconscious but because she was raped. Give me a break.

  • Alcohol, heroin and crack, in that order

    In a society where many people drink alcohol more than they drink water, I shouldn’t be talking about it.

    It’s like premarital and extra-marital sex.

    People don’t like to talk about it in general but many do and they take pride in it. It’s not against the law for minors to sleep together as long as both parties are minors.

    Similarly alcohol is not against the law as long as you are of the legal age in a state.

    One thing I don’t understand is in both cases, pre- and extra-marital sex and alcohol, why would people be so proud of doing it? Why are other drugs – heroin, crack and marijuana – be considered so dangerous to the society? Is it because, unlike alcohol, they are against the law at any age?

  • Alcohol strikes in two places – brain and pocket

    As long as some folks get alcohol to drink and keep drinking, it will strike individuals in two places, their brain and their butt where men and some women keep their wallets.

    When people start drinking, the only thing they think about is drink some more. The more they drink, the more they want to drink and the more they spend.

    The alcohol industry – manufacturers and marketers – has coined a nice phrase: “social drinking.” Give me a break. Alcoholic Anonymous says that’s where heavy drinking starts at. Social drinking in many cases is just the beginning. Think about it.

    Then there is binge drinking. Wikipedia defines it: “Binge drinking is the modern definition of drinking alcoholic beverages with the primary intention of becoming intoxicated by heavy consumption of alcohol over a short period of time.”

    It’s quite common among students. Suicide and binge drinking are two of the major causes of death among students.

    Professor’s research…

    Professor Nutt says that “if you are looking for the most dangerous drug of all, you have to start with alcohol, which is more harmful even than heroin and crack cocaine.

    Society tolerates – indeed encourages – certain forms of potentially harmful behavior but not others, such as drug use.”

    The effect on users of these drugs, alcohol being at the top of the list, can be clearly seen in the form of health issues, dependency, mental impairment, loss of tangibles such as job, loss of relationships, and injury.

    Thus it creates an unfavorable situation of crime, degradation of local environment, family strains, and wider issues such as economic cost, eventually turning into miserable debt. And that’s the kind of debt many even complain about.

    Some say Nutt is nut to pick up a subject like alcohol and do research on it.

  • The “spirit” behind this new study…

    That’s the “spirit” behind this new study. The research further states that “aggressively targeting alcohol harms is a valid and necessary public health strategy, not to mention the economic cost to individuals.”

    The report also admits that “many of the harms of drugs are affected by their availability and legal status.”

    Anyone who has seen the Saturday night transformation of American city centers and streets into battlegrounds of blood and vomit will understand this point.

In a Nutshell
The alcohol and drug rehab centers must be doing great financially as the society keeps moving towards drunkenness and other drug-related illnesses. Money is going out of pockets of individuals and going into pockets of these rehab centers. One way to have money in circulation.

Alcohol Is More Dangerous Than Heroin And Crack

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) warned that binge drinking by the young is a “major public health and social concern,” with children taking up drinking at increasingly earlier ages.

Harmful consumption of alcohol now accounts for a higher proportion of deaths worldwide than HIV, AIDS, violence and tuberculosis combined, the report said.

Report: Binge Drinking by Young People Is Increasing

Stop Drinking And Manage Your Debt

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