All-Season: How To Make A Versatile Wardrobe That Works Year-Round

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Today, there is a greater focus than ever before on downsizing and minimizing.

One of the many things people are downsizing and minimizing is their wardrobes. Some even go so far as to limit their entire wardrobe to 100 pieces or less.

Downsizing your wardrobe, however, also means ensuring that you have what you need to cover you in all kinds of weather.

While you may not go quite so far as to minimize to just 100 pieces, here are 3 tips for creating a great, versatile all-season wardrobe.

All Season

  1. Go neutral with your base pieces

    One of the best ways to mix-and-match no matter the season is to buy all your basic wardrobe essentials in neutral colors. What constitutes “neutral” colors for you, however, may be different from someone else’s neutrals. “Neutral” simply means something more understated that all of your wardrobe pieces match with.

    If you like more bold or bright colors, go with base pieces in navy, black, grey or chocolate brown but don’t be afraid to throw in a few base pieces in your favorite bold or bright color like fuchsia, tangerine, cerulean or lime.

    The likelihood is, if those are your favorite colors, you will have a wide range of coordinating accessories in those colors, so don’t limit yourself to dull neutrals.

    Olive and khaki can be great neutrals, but whether you want them in your wardrobe or not will depend on your personal style.

    If you favor earth tones, go with beige, tan, olive, khaki or chocolate brown. Just make sure that your base pieces are in color tones that match your favorite colors.

  2. Accessorize with color

    Accessories are where you can really brighten up a spring wardrobe or add richness to a winter one.

    Silk scarves make a great transition between all the seasons, and jewelry in gold or silver also works well year round.

    Don’t feel you have to keep something on hand that is outside of your personal style or palette either.

    Most people favor shoes and purses in either black or brown, but for some reason often feel obligated to keep a purse or two or a few pairs of shoes in the color they don’t prefer. Fight this instinct.

    If you like black accessories, stick with black. If you prefer brown accessories, don’t feel obligated to keep a few black ones on hand.

    In fact, when it comes to accessories, you can even throw out all your black and brown and opt for fewer unique and exquisite pieces instead.

  3. Layer

    Layers are a hugely important part of creating a wardrobe that works year-round, particularly if you live in an area that experiences a wide range of temperatures throughout the year.

    Shorts over thick, heavy tights work great in the winter and your summer shells can be paired with thick, heavy cardigans.

    Natural fabrics like cotton, silk and wool are the best options, because they breathe in the summer and trap heat better in the winter.

    Layering shirts, camisoles, and cardigans give you a look that can change on the fly quickly and easily.

    A coat with a lining that zips out is also useful for a wide range of weather and temperatures.

    Packable down vests and coats are also great for providing an extra layer of warmth when you don’t yet need a heavy winter coat.

Creating a great all-season wardrobe is easier than ever before thanks to the dizzying array of options available. Another tip for creating a great all season wardrobe is if you don’t absolutely love it, don’t buy it.

Great sales can often encourage us to buy things we don’t really want, need, or sometimes even like. Slimming down your wardrobe involves cutting out the fat and keeping only the very best.

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