An Overview of the Samsung Galaxy S8

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Samsung Galaxy S8 is among the top smartphones you will ever find in the market today.

Among other features, the S8 is renowned for its beautiful and truly iconic bezel-less display.

Not to forget, the excellent screen that is of up to standard quality and the improved battery life.

Two years after the launch, Samsung S8 is still doing great in the market, especially due to the lower prices.

Talking of its design, the Galaxy S8 is one of the best looking phones you will come across.

As seen on the previous model the Galaxy S7, the Galaxy S8 has a curved rear, making it nestle perfectly on your palm just as you would like. The phone comes in three different colours; bright silver, dark black, and grey.

What are the key features?

From its smart home powers and a more powerful processor to the infinity display, below are some of the main features that Samsung packed into the Galaxy S8:

  • An infinity display – It has an expansive display that stretches from one edge to another. Users can therefore make the most out of the screen regardless of the limited amount of space. In addition, it has a slim profile design for easy fitting in the user’s hands.

  • The camera – The S8 has a great ability to take perfect pictures even in low light. Samsung has gone ahead and enhanced the front camera for clearer selfies. The front-facing camera has 8MP with an image sensor of 1.4µm. Not to forget the rear camera which has 12MP.

  • Face recognition – This Samsung Galaxy has enhanced security. To stop unauthorised people from accessing the phone, Samsung came up with iris scanning on top of the face recognition for unlocking the phone.

  • Bixby – The S8 allows you to get your things done smartly. You press the Bixby button, give out a command, identify it on the phone and set a reminder.

  • Memory – It offers internal memory storage of 64GB. Besides the 64GB, users can take advantage of the expandable storage and use a microSD card. The S8 can stand a microSD of up to 256GB.

Advantages of owning a Galaxy S8

  • Samsung health – The S8 has the ability to keep track of your everyday routine. This includes everything from your nutrition to chats with your doctor and various notifications.

  • Samsung pay – You do not have to carry all your cards with you. With Galaxy S8, you get to make payments via an in-app and get rewards for the purchases.

  • Samsung connect – Users have the advantage of controlling all their appliances and devices from their S8 regardless of their location.

  • DeX station – You get to enjoy a desktop-like experience by connecting the S8 to a keyboard, trackpad and a monitor.

  • Unlocked by Samsung – Unlocked by Samsung gives you more than a smartphone. Users can customise their S8 features, apps, data plan and other services to fit their needs.

Where to Dispose Your Old Samsung Galaxy S8?

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