Analyze Your Over Spending And Fix Your Brain

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If you are in debt and many are heavily in debt, the first thing you gotta do is to analyze your spending. Obviously you have spent beyond your means.

If you want a debt-free life, then you have to stop and think about how and why you got yourself in the debt shit that you are standing in.

Remember you ain’t got no more than one life to live. This life is it. You gotta start today, not tomorrow, working towards minimizing debt and eventually freeing yourself from debt before the angel of death strikes you.

I have said it many times: “Don’t leave your stinking debt shit to your spouse and kids.

Debt was your own making and you gotta clean it yourself. Debt is the burden on your shoulders. Don’t put it on theirs. They were just innocent bystanders. You gave them false sense of financial security all your debt-laden life. You must stop borrowing more money.

You must start getting rid of debt and the sooner you do it, the better for everyone.”

To analyze your over-spending, you probably would need to see a shrink if you can’t look inside your brain yourself.

You give her your hard-earned money who might be able to cure you from the disease of getting into debt.

You go home. You feel vindicated. After a while, you start doing it again – borrowing and renting money.

You keep doing it till you look down at your feet and you have stepped in the debt shit again.

  • Get the Surgeon to Cut Over-Spending Part from Your Brain…

    You probably have visited a shrink to solve your problem. If you have, next time don’t go to a shrink. Go to a surgeon.

    He or she will cut open every part of your obese body – that’s almost half of all Americans – and eventually find out that it is a certain part in your brain that is causing you all this debt problem.

    A smart surgeon – must be smart to make all that money – will cut the over-spending part from your brain.

    Now with that part no longer belonging to you, hopefully you will not over-spend beyond your means. You will start with the clean mind and begin living within your means.

    However, there is one little problem. Surgeons don’t come in cheap. I knew a brain surgeon – he is resting in peace now – who in the 1980s was charging $25,000 for each operation.

    I am assuming because of inflation their prices have gone up as well. The surgeon may charge you a lot more than that, probably 40Gs or 50Gs.

    Your brain might be cleaner now from the debt part, but you have gotten yourself in more debt because of the surgeon fee. Man! You have created yourself a catch-22 scenario. You are going in circle to catch your own tail.

  • …or Change Your Mindset

    Granted changing your mindset is not easy, but if you are determined to see the end of the tunnel and eventually get out of the tunnel and live in bright sunny financial life, then you must start working on it today.

    You need to do it now because time does not wait for anybody let alone folks with so much debt under their belt. Time is of the essence as the saying goes.

    Instead of going under the surgeon’s knife to take out the debt part from your brain and make him richer, you have to change your mindset but you have to do some sweating on your own.

    You have to sweat by doing something against your habitual over-spending and clean up the mess you have made of your financial life.

    You must sit down and make promise with yourself and then with your family that what you had been doing was wrong and promise that you must stop doing it.

    Just like in a workout session in the gym, you must create resistance against your habitual over-spending to sweat more. The more you develop resistance, the more you sweat and the sooner you get out of debt.

  • Make Commitment

    Don’t be lazy. Don’t be uncommitted. Don’t be intoxicated with debt. That’s other people’s money you have been spending. It was never yours and it never will be.

    Don’t look for an easy way out because there is none. The debt numbers don’t lie. You must get busy facing up to your financial responsibility.

    Find out where your money has been going. That can be one of the hardest part in your financial life to sit down and figure out your current financial status.

    However, this is the step that separates the responsible from the immature, the committed from the wannabees, the successes in life from the failures.

    You decide whether you are a financially responsible adult or just “don’t know nothing about no money and don’t wanna know.”

    Get out all your bills, bank statements, credit card statements, a pen and a piece of paper, a calculator and start doing the math.

    Every human on earth has black holes, literally and financially. As this is a family oriented blog, we will talk only the financial black hole.

    Your next assignment, “should you decide to accept it”, is to figure out what you needed to buy and what you bought because you had to have it.

    Make two lists – need list and wish list. Put your wish list in a vault and start working on your need list.

    What you thought was your need may turn out to be your wish. Separate the two and don’t look back.

    Stop treating your finances as if there is not gonna be another tomorrow. There has always been one. Figure out what you can do to reduce your debt obligation and eventually eliminate it.

    You can’t do “nothing” about one type of black hole but you sure can do something about your financial black hole. One black hole is enough that is attached with humans. Don’t try to create and attach another one.

In the Nutshell
Don’t be lazy. Don’t procrastinate. Start today and you would get out of debt in no time. You don’t need “no help from nobody.”

You are smart and determined. You know you can do it. You know you can get out of debt if you tried.

A thousand mile journey starts with your first step. Start today, NOW! May the good Lord bless you in your effort.

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