Appeals Court Dethrones FCC’s Net Neutrality Authority

Wednesday, April 7, 2010, 12:04 AM | 1 Comment

Appeals Court dethrones FCC’s Net Neutrality Authority. The court decided to go against FCC. There used to be a time before Comcast struck its lightening on the heads of its customers, that the company’s attachments [read customers] were free like all others to have peer-to-peer traffic. Then after sometime, letting the customers enjoy for a while, the company said “NOP, NOP. You can’t do that”.

Now, I can’t think of a reason why Comcast would do that except that by nature of the cable technology, the more folks are online on a circuit, the more bandwidth they will chew.

The bandwidth gets divided into many customers and eventually your Internet access speed gets degraded so much you wish you had the much cheaper dial-up service instead. Comcast seems to be afraid that customers would eventually run from cable to DSL and some back to the dial-up world like a chicken runs from a fox. There ought to be better ways of managing the network.

So, the Federal Communications Commission – commonly known as FCC – struck Comcast with a sledge hammer and said “NOP, NOP. You can’t do that”. That order came back in 2008.

Comcast didn’t wanna budge from its policy. With nowhere else to go, they knocked at the court door. The court listened to both sides and yesterday April 6, said to Comcast “YAP, YAP. You sure can do that”.

In essence, the court said “Comcast ! They are your customers. You can do anything you want with them. Don’t let FCC make decisions for you or run the business for you. You are the master of your domain. You can screw your customers as much as you want [as if there is something else too in this world besides screwing the customers.]”

The ruling is a setback for Internet companies led by Google Inc. and Inc. that want so-called net neutrality rules to keep Internet providers such as Comcast, Verizon Communications Inc. and AT&T Inc. from limiting Web traffic.

In a Nutshell
There is a much greater tendency among the American public that cable and DSL users have the right to use the devices, services and programs of choice over their connections.

Read A Breakdown of World’s fastest Internet Speed by countries. If this thing continues and the customers’ technical legs are cut off every step of the way, then America will fall further behind in high speed network and low prices as well. Monopoly of the old days, this time in a different form, is right at the door knocking.

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