Are You a Nervous Presenter? Use These Six Tips to Feel Confident

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It is said that all people fear two things – death and public speaking. Having to present in front of others can be nerve-racking – even for experienced speakers.

You are not going to find the answers in your project Communications Plan.

Here are some tips to help you feel more confident.

  1. Prepare

    Nothing gives you as much confidence as being prepared. Of course, you need to know the content, but you should also understand the structure of your presentation and how you will move from point to point. You don’t need (or want) to memorize the presentation, but you don’t want to forget things either.

  2. Rehearse

    You should rehearse the presentation multiple times. This could be in front of a safe audience, or even saying the words to yourself. You don’t want to read content from a slide, but having the overall session framed by some slides with bullet points can keep you on topic and make the presentation more comfortable.

  3. Relax

    Get yourself mentally and physically prepared.

    • Get a good night’s sleep

    • Eat a healthy meal

    • Try to free your schedule, so you’re more relaxed

    • Before you present, spend 15 minutes going over your presentation one last time. You should have a copy of your presentation that you can review.

    • Relax

  4. Get started

    The hardest part of presenting is getting started. Talk slowly and breath. Smile. Once you get started, you will likely feel better and get into a groove.

  5. Be confident

    Much of your message is relayed through your body language.

    • Make eye contact with people

    • Appear confident using an open stance. Stand tall.

    • Smile and let your personality shine

    • Walk around a little

    • Vary your voice and use slow, open hand gestures.

      Speak slowly and carefully, but passionately. If you’re enthusiastic about the topic, then your listeners will be as well.

  6. Interact

    Encourage interaction with others during your presentation. When others talk for a few seconds, it takes the focus off you and lets you clear your head and focus on the key points ahead. Interaction also keeps the audience engaged.

Public speaking is one of the hardest things to master. If you prepare carefully, have a great mindset and are enthusiastic, you will deliver a great presentation.

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