Background Checks- Why More Employers are Running Them

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While some employers and entrepreneurs may still be skeptical about the importance of running background checks on job applicants, many more rely on them during their recruitment processes. Employers invest their resources in pre-employment background checks to ensure that they hire the right candidates.

Background checks are also useful for limiting liability and reducing employee turnover. They are usually performed during the initial stages of screening job applicants and job offers have been made.

Employees do not begin their work until the background check has been completed.

  • Importance of Screening Applicants

    • Screening programs such as background checks dissuade people who have questionable histories from applying for jobs.

    • A major advantage of such checks for employers is that they limit job applications to qualified individuals. This reduces the risk of hiring unqualified individuals and incurring the costs of embarking on another recruitment process to find other candidates.

    • Various background checks can be used to find out important information about job applicants. Information ranges from employment history to criminal search.

    • State laws regulate background checks and determine the type of information that can be obtained. These regulations and restrictions are used to guide the screening process and make it easier for employers to share information about job performance.

    • Conducting a screening program is an essential step that many employers take to make sure that their working environment is not compromised and exposure to negligent hiring claims is limited. This is an effective way of getting insight into any existing problems that prospective employees may have.

  • Advantages of Background Checks

    Evaluating the individuals’ background makes it easier for employers to make decisions regarding new hires. Job applicants often ask what does a background check show and the information that employers can find out. This includes educational background, work history and criminal records.

    • Background checks have become increasingly popular among recruiters because of the possibility of job seekers making false claims regarding work experience and criminal convictions. The challenge of dealing with false credentials and work history can be avoided by carefully screening applicants.

    • Comprehensive checks help to increase the quality of applicants who are hired, reduce the risk of criminal activity at the workplace and limit losses that arise from employees who lack credibility. Background checks have proven to have a significant impact on the success of an organization.

    • Screening employees prevents applications that contain discrepancies and keeps away applicants who have information to hide. It creates a safer working environment and improves the selection of applicants and the overall process.

    • Employers are obligated to offer their employers a safe workplace. This is why it is important for them to be aware of any criminal activity that employees may have been involved in. It enables them to decide on whether or not the applicant is suitable for the profession or will be a potential threat to the safety to the rest of the staff.

Previous work history is good indicator of how an employee will perform in the future. Background checks make it possible to find out which employees may have a tendency to behave inappropriately at work. An employee screening process is a vital research tool that makes it easier to hire the best candidates.

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