Background Screening – Your Company’s Last Line of Defense

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Employee background checking is concerned with researching an individual’s financial records, commercial records and criminal records. It is typically sought by companies that advertise a position that needs a high level of security or trust.

Governments, financial institutions and hospitals are examples of industries or sectors that require a background check.

  • Why make a background check?

    A company’s or institution’s business and its reputation can suffer huge damage as a result of hiring just one untrustworthy employee. Every year, numerous businesses are destroyed as a result of theft or dishonesty by employees. Almost always, it is the employer who is held legally responsible for negligent hiring practices.

    Performing a background check before hiring, including checking criminal records is an important risk-management strategy for organizations. It takes the uncertainty out of the hiring process.

    Regardless of the size of the corporation, it is an indispensable practice aimed at preventing mistakes and lawsuits that can prove costly for the organization.

    Applicants who have falsified criminal records and credentials usually avoid sending applications to companies that require them to undergo background checking. This discourages people with bad histories from applying. It is a widely known fact that close to half of applications and resumes have omissions and lies about academic qualifications and previous employments.

    Screening guarantees truthfulness in the process of application and compels applicants to be honest regarding any flaws they may have in their history. As a result, it also ensures the protection of the organization’s reputation and assets.

  • Ensuring a thorough screening

    Background checks can be very thorough, beginning with a simple Federal criminal or county criminal SSN identity check. Instant background screening can be made available based on driving records, I-9 verification procedures and credit reports.

    For people seeking employment in the healthcare industry, their licenses are screened to ensure that they are in compliance.

    There are numerous business that provide employee background checking services. Companies that provide employers with background checking services operate by simply using applicants’ information provided by the employer as input.

    Thereafter, they obtain access to online databases and credit bureaus. These include criminal records, public records and the DMV. Emails and letters to previous employers are then generated to authenticate previous employment history and credentials. This allows them to come up with a strong insight into the applicants’ financial standing, integrity and backgrounds.

    In the United States, background checking in regulated under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Important to note is that the process of background checking may be used for unlawful purposes, such as violation of privacy, identity theft and illegal discrimination. That notwithstanding, background checking makes it possible for organizations to eschew cases of embezzlement and high turnover rates while at the same time assisting the employer to separate fiction from fact.

It is therefore important that employers seek background checking services that are reliable and well-established. A good background checking company will offer a comprehensive array of services including SSN verification, drug testing, and previous employment history among other essential assessment and verification services. With these, employers can ensure the protection of the assets and their reputations.

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