Best Destinations in USA for Green Travellers

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Eco-friendly, also known as “green”, people need vacations too. They have the desire to not only reduce their carbon footprint in this life but also leave the environment better than they found it. They love to appreciate the natural beauty around themselves.

When it comes time to plan a vacation from everyday life, and bringing to mind relaxation, the “green” vacationers like to seek out places that cater to their lifestyle and offer alternatives to the ever- congested, over-populated, and environmentally detrimental getaways they abhor.

The U.S. has exploded in the last few decades to attempt to become greener themselves, and businesses are more aware of the need to cater to the customers that are seeking healthier and greener solutions.

Resorts, hotels and spas have become popular in and around national parks, in clear beautiful mountain settings and near beaches.

Three Beautiful Destinations to Consider:

  1. Authentic Winter Vacation at Stowe Mountain Lodge

    There is more to do than just ski in this beautiful location.

    • Travel + Leisure Magazine has listed this pristine, mountain bounty as one of the favourite green retreats in the US.

    • All parts of the resort were built by local artisans using all nearby resources.

    • Resort offers 300 natural gas fireplaces in their rooms in a rustic theme with access to spa and wellness centre, pool and restaurants with organic fare.

    • The first winner of the Audubon International award for Sustainable Community in the category of Mountain Resort, they pride themselves on the creation of a man-made lake that both conserves water, used in the snow making process for skiing and also maintains the health of local rivers and streams.

    • Recycling Program for every guest room, low-flow water facilities, and the use of eco-friendly cleaning products by the housekeeping staff make for a green destination of high quality rest and relaxation.

  2. Beautiful Beachfront Views at Sanctuary Beach Resort in Monterey, California

    Sun soaked fun, with an eye toward relaxation without destroying the environment.

    • Each guest is issued an electric golf cart to reduce auto-emissions along the beach and walkways.

    • All guest amenities and office products are made of post-consumer recyclables.

    • The resort is situated around 19 protected dunes on the beach.

    • Spa services are included with seaweed detoxification and sea-salt body massages are offered.

    • Biking, whale-watching excursions, bonfires on the beach and beautiful walking paths make this a wonderful getaway.

  3. Everglades National Park Invites You To The Beauty of Eco-Friendly Travel in Homestead, Florida

    Everglades Parks are home to many of the U.S.’s rare and endangered species and the parks are designated as a World Heritage Site.

    • With a variety of green tours, enjoy the majestic wildlife and landscape with over 300 kinds of birds and 700 varieties of plants.

    • Enjoy the only body of water that houses both alligators and crocodiles living and swimming together.

    • Take the Shark Tram Tour Ride that covers a wide 15 mile loop to see the beauty that the Everglades offers.

    • Ditch the car and enjoy kayaking, bike riding, horse trails and ranger led hikes and programs.

Whatever the choice of destinations, there is such a wide array of beautiful locales, vistas and sanctuaries across the United States to cater to the greener consumers that are trying to leave the environment better than they found it.

This means to telling us that this is the life we are meant to live and to leave the world better for the future generations. Happy Travels.

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