Best Financial Resources

Internet, for sure, does not lack information on any subject. Finance and personal finance takes a big share of that information. And for obvious reasons. That’s what we live on, don’t we?

Personal finance covers almost every aspect of life you can think of. Whatever you do in life, whatever job you are working at – or perhaps not working – you come across some kind of mention of finances.

You gotta eat, don’t you? The money comes out from your pocket or perhaps, in a majority of cases, from the pockets of others. The latter because we live on credit, the money or capital belongs to someone else. We just borrow it for sometime or what I call renting it for sometime.

In the case of credit card, either you rent the money forever – paying only the minimum – or for as long as the grace period lasts when you pay it in full before the due date.


Some folks have given the analogy of borrowing/renting money with beer and drugs. The still readily available credit can be either good for you or extremely bad. A pint of beer at the bar or at home with friends seems to be analogous to good debt.

If you do drugs and are always stoned, that can be compared to bad debt. The stinking debt comes into play when you don’t accept responsibility and keep trying to convince yourself that one more time, and then you would stop doing it.

The more you educate yourself, the more you would know how to get out of debt. To act on that knowledge is different than gaining some information.

Taking action, no matter how small it is, before you keep slipping away in the debt shit is a thousand percent better than what information you gain from this blog or others or books.

Get financial information from the best resources

Here are a few resources that I find very interesting and you can get good information about your personal finances. Many more folks are familiar with them and get informed on a daily basis.

If you find an article that you see fit in applying to your personal finance, then by all means, take the first step and get into action about making your life better and more enjoyable.

In a Nutshell
I will keep adding websites and blogs to the list on the general topic of personal finance.