Best Gadgets that Will Help You Achieve Your Fitness Goals

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Staying true to your fitness goals is never easy. However, with the modern technological advancements, there are many gadgets that can help you achieve your ambitions.

Unlike last century, there a is a paradigm shift in the way we organize our workout and diet schedules.

Thanks to technology, we can now monitor each and every move we make in the gym or on the track. You can calculate your heart rate, calorie loss, and nutrient intake using tech.

Here are some technology gadgets and software that you can use to achieve your fitness goals.


  • Heart rate monitors

    The evolution of heart rate monitors has witnessed tremendous changes in the past one decade. Heart rate monitors have developed from fingertip sensors to wrist straps and headbands.

    Today, there are various wearables that are used to monitor the heart rates such as chest straps, bras, and caps.

    Some of the accurate heart monitoring gadgets include Garmin wrist monitors and chest straps, the Nike wrist straps that are integrated with Apple Watch, and Suunto GPS Watch.

    Heart rate monitoring helps in gauging the effectiveness of your workout and help reduce the risks of cardiovascular diseases as well as increasing the heart stamina.

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  • Electric Muscle Stimulator

    Electric Muscle Stimulator (E-Stim) allows you to stimulate your muscles and nerves right before you get into workouts.

    This is a gadget that uses electric shock to cause muscle contractions. This helps the muscles to get stimulated and activated.

    It also helps in strengthening of muscles. Scientifically, E-Stim is a proven complementary training technique.

    The same contraction is usually done after the workout to help in recovery due to increased blood flow during workouts. This helps your muscles relax hence lowering fatigue and tiredness. PowerDot is one of the latest E-Stim gadgets.

  • Macronutrient trackers

    If you are looking to shed off some weight, you need to account for every nutrient you feed your body. Macronutrient trackers are designed to help you know exactly what you are feeding your body.

    There are digital food scales that accompany apps such as Situ and Bite. These apps allow for accurate macronutrient measurements through your phone.

    There are also apps that help you monitor your nutrients intake when eating out. These apps have helped physical fitness enthusiasts who want to remain focused on their fitness goals without living a boring life.

    Apps such as Calorie Counter and My Fitness Pal have features that can help you scan for healthy restaurants, help you find the best brands, and give you the best recipes.

    Most Apps can track your heart rate, count macronutrients and count your calories loss. There are apps that are fully synchronized while some apps are only focused on one aspect of your fitness routine. Whichever the case, they are very helpful in helping monitor your fitness.

  • Smart machines and wearables

    Wearables are probably the best thing that happened in the world of fitness technology. However, there is more happening technologically than just wearables and apps. Fitness machines are now digitized with the capacity to do more than just providing a workout platform.

    Some of the best workout machines that are technological awake include:

    • The Bowflex T616 treadmill that synchronizes the heart rate data, distance, calories burned, and effort exerted on a mobile app. This treadmill uses Bluetooth to synchronize chest strap data with your phone app. It also provides real-time workout coaching.

    • The Atlas wearables are is designed to help track the muscles and the effect of your workout on your body. It lets you go back in time and compare your reps in numbers.

    The good thing about wearables is that they are so easy to use since they become part of your body. They can help you track which muscles are working and which ones are not. They help you track long term progress and are suitable for lone fitness enthusiasts.

    If you are working from home, try finding wearables that will help track your progress.


There are plenty of gadgets, apps, and workout machines that are technologically aligned to help you achieve your fitness goals. Most of these fitness technology gadgets are designed to give you real-time information. This helps you in planning, managing and maintaining your fitness routines. They also help you manage your food intake and control your body mass.

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