Better Budget: How to Space Out Family Expenses This Year

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With more and more people feeling the lingering effects of the recession, budgeting and learning to space out family expenses is become an increasingly popular task for American families. Do the work now to make sure your yearly budget doesn’t exceed your income.

Better Budget How to Space Out Family Expenses This Year

  • Combine Services for Savings

    Seeking out ways to bundle your internet, phone, or utility services is a great way to save potentially hundreds of dollars every month and thousands from one year to the next.

    By bundling your internet services with phone and cable expenses you can save a ton of money every month and even itemize and eliminate services that you no longer use.

    Realize how many of the calls take up your valuable phone minutes and find alternatives like Skype to replace expensive providers.

  • Saving Money by Watching Movies!

    Going to the theatre can be an expensive pastime, especially if you’re a parent looking after three or more kids.

    A cheaper alternative is to use an affordable online service like Netflix or Hulu to watch videos or shows with your kids.

    Public libraries often offer kid-centric movie options that parents can take advantage of and check out.

    You can usually check out movies for one to three weeks from a library in your area, which saves money on gas, and allows your kids watch their favorite flicks over and over.

  • Have Specialty Food Nights

    Instead of going to a fancy seafood restaurant, or taking your kids out for pizza every other day, parents might want to consider setting aside a few days per week as a themed food night.

    Tuesdays could be taco night, and Thursday’s pizza night. By staying in and making the meals yourself, you’re saving money on gas and restaurant expenses.

    You’re also potentially spending more time with your kids and allowing them to feel important enough to help with the cooking. Make sure you’re saving up grocery coupons as well.

  • Lower Insurance Today

    Many parents are oblivious to the fact they could be saving hundreds of dollars every year on their kid’s auto and health insurance.

    Discounts for good grades or long stretches without an accident could add up to hundreds of dollars in savings. Make sure to ask your auto insurance agent if there are any discounts that you’re not currently taking advantage of.

    In terms of saving money on health insurance, the Affordable Care Act enables parents to keep their kids on the family policy until age 26.

    Talk to your Coquitlam Centre Dental Clinic, or local doctor’s office and see if there are any ways to lower your monthly expenses.

Learning about ways to bundle services or take advantage of discounts can lead to huge savings over the course of a year.

You can cut even more household costs from your family expenses by spacing out the amount of times you and your family eat out or go to the movies.

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