Better Business Bureau Warns Against Online Payday Lenders

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Because of the bad economy [what? bad economy? never heard of it], an increasing number of people, almost on a daily basis, are getting deeper and deeper in debt.

Some debt is directly due to the lousy economy, mostly because of job loss and mortgage foreclosure. That debt, on the most part, is not of their own making.

Others are in debt because of their own actions and reactions to advertisements presented to them “on a golden plate” daily.

Better Business Bureau Warns Against Online Payday Lenders

You are happy now but wait when gorilla starts chasing you

This commercialization of human financial lives is of the utmost and has been going on for sometime. We, the people, must put a stop to it.

For them, there never was a bad economy and never will be. They are like a mustang. They need a lot of inner and outer strength to control themselves.

Imagine a big gorilla chasing you…

Imagine this scenario. You are in debt up to your neck. You can’t even move from left to right in that rat hole. But nevertheless you need to survive.

A human wolf in sheep clothes comes along and offers you money. You would take it, right? Of course you would. Who wouldn’t? You are already wet. How much more can you get wet?

woody allen take the money and run

The human wolf plays with your psychology. You are, as they say, vulnerable. The first chance you get, you take the money and run [Woody Allen].

The wolf in sheep clothes turns into a gorilla and openly and aggressively chases you all the way to empty your bank account or to the complete destruction of your credit. The only resting place where you can stretch your legs is six feet under. You would rest in peace but your family may be starting to step into the shit you left behind.

Interest? What interest?

You have already stopped thinking about how much interest you would pay on that money. An arm and a leg. That’s how much. At this point, you think what difference does it make?

You say to yourself “I don’t give a shit. I need the money. I will worry about it when the time comes to repay.” Well! My friend. That time has never come for you. Otherwise, you would not be in debt in the first place.


Better Business Bureau – the good old BBB – is warning you not to go for that kind of money. The culprits are the deceitful online Payday lenders that are playing with your financial life and trying to suck the last drop of blood out of your financial existence.

I know you are wet already, but give yourself a chance to get dry. And you will, oh you will [Valerie Bertinelli] one day if you stop putting your feet in shit every time you take a step.

Hundreds of people have complained to BBB after signing up for a payday loan on sites like

Complainants state that they agreed to what they believed was a one-time payday loan — typically a few hundred dollars to be paid off in two weeks. They supplied their bank account information to the lender and the money was promptly deposited.

In a Nutshell
Don’t you hear about people who say “One more cigarette, one more drink and then I will quit”? Who [whom] are they kidding, man? It’s an addiction. They never quit. You decide to stop doing it and you quit, never to touch that stuff again.

The time is now. Take your first step and just say NO and stand by your NO, not for one day, not for two days, forever and ever. That’s how you quit, never to return.

So, do yourself a favor. Listen to the mother of all reviews coming out of its womb. Once in a while, visit the BBB website and see what and who the latest culprits are who are trying to suck the last drop of blood from your financial life.

Do research and Check Out a Business or Charity Name before you get yourself stuck in the quagmire of payday loans.

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