Better Ways to Afford a Nursing Home for Your Parents on a Budget

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One of the biggest expenses you might ever face is paying for nursing home care for your elderly or disabled parents.

Many adult children become responsible for their parents’ care-related expenses after their parents become ill and reveal that they either failed to save enough money for assisted care, or experienced hardships that destroyed their savings.

Paying for nursing home care can eventually become a burden that leads many adult children to experience high debt scenarios, including bankruptcy.

Some people decide to go the crowdfunding route through sites like YouCaring and GoFundMe.

But before you ask for donations, try the following instead.

Better Ways to Afford a Nursing Home for Your Parents on a Budget

  • Seek Legal Assistance

    A common reason many people find themselves in this position, is because one or both parents experienced an event that destroyed their ability to manage on their own at home.

    A medical malpractice lawyer can help in cases of permanent disability caused by a medical practitioner acting negligently.

    A personal injury lawyer can help with an accident case where another person caused physical or financial harm.

    A Utah SSDI Lawyer can help if a parent receives the wrong monthly disability benefit amount, or received a disability application denial resulting in a delay of benefits.

    In almost all cases, these lawyers expect no payment unless they don’t win your case.

  • Compare Local Homes

    You can also better afford a nursing home for your parents by negotiating lower rates at an existing home or another local home.

    As with other areas of healthcare, nursing home care is a part of a competitive business model.

    To get the best rate, find out the costs for care at each local nursing home based on your parent’s needs, then contact the home you think would help your parents the most and use what you learned to attempt to negotiate a lower rate based on local average costs.

  • Check Available Programs

    Many local, state, and federal programs help pay for some nursing home services, such as Medicaid.

    Government and non-profit organizations like the Area Agency on Aging and community action organizations and churches usually know of programs that can help based on your parents’ ages, health conditions, funding availability, and various other factors.

    You can also find information about funds through hospital systems and organizations that deal with specific disabilities.

Stay hopeful. You do not have to go bankrupt to get your parents good nursing home care. You simply need to review all of the available options. Even if finances aren’t the best, you have some different ways to afford the best.

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