Beware Of Crooks In Security Guard Uniform

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The crook in the uniform of a security guard at your bank is hard to recognize. However, you can lose the money in your account fast if you accept his offer.

Here is how it can proceed. The crook buys a uniform with a phony badge that looks like the one worn by legitimate security guards.

Beware Of Crooks In Security Guard Uniform

The crook posts an out-of-order sign on the ATM. This can easily happen after bank hours or even during business hours if it’s a big bank with a big lobby.

When a customer comes, the phony guard explains that the machine is temporarily out of order. He [it’s almost always a he] would say something like “the bank is giving customers a small amount of cash manually.” The customer gives him the ATM card. The guard mumbles to the customer, gets the ATM card along with the PIN.

He then proceeds to give you $100 in cash and then cleans out the account when the customer leaves.

The problem is that the ATM card can lead to greater liability than if a credit card is fraudulently used. Liability for unauthorized charges on a credit card is limited to $50.

If you come across the crook in the security guard uniform and experience some kind of fraudulent transaction, let the bank know immediately. They might be able to do something but the whole responsibility lies with you.

In a Nutshell
Never give your PIN to anyone no matter what. You and only you are responsible for your own doing. It’s better to be careful on the outset instead of relying on the bank to do something for you.

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