Beware Your Cell Phone Can Be Cloned

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We have heard that a sheep was cloned in United Kingdom a few years ago, at least that’s what was claimed at the time. Former President George W. Bush banned stem-cell research with Government money.

One of the arguments in favor of banning was that it might lead to human cloning. If cloning of a living being is against the law, how about cloning a cell phone.

A cell phone?

There is no stopping some folks to clone your cell phone and make money off of it and lots of it unless the U.S. Treasury or Secret Service takes a strong action against it.

  • What is cell phone cloning?

    According to the U.S. Treasury, telecommunication fraud losses are estimated at more than a billion dollars yearly.

    One of the largest and more lucrative markets for this type of fraud is the cloning of cellular telephones. For some folks who give it sometime to learn, it is a relatively simple procedure that can be done with the purchase of over-the-counter electronic equipment.

    How come I never found something like that over-the-counter? Well, it seems most people have never heard of it.

  • What is the procedure?

    When an individual transmits with a cellular telephone – that means when a person dials a number – the telephone emits a burst of electronic signals.

    This burst of information includes the following:

    • Your Electronic Serial Number (ESN)

    • Your Mobile Identification Number (MIN)

    • And God knows what other electronic identification signals

  • Burning of cell phones

    All of these signals can be legally as well as illegally captured through the use of an ESN reader. Once captured, this information is transferred from the ESN reader to a computer.

    Now that an individual or an organization has saved your cell phone information, then for them it is not very hard to download it onto microchips in brand new cellular telephones and that’s exactly what they do.

  • Are they ever discovered?

    Statistics show or at least the Treasury claims that these new telephones can be used for up to 30 days before the fraudulent charges are discovered. What if they are not discovered for a year or perhaps ever?

  • Who are the culprits?

    Cell telephones are being used extensively by organized criminal groups and drug cartels, as well as several Middle Eastern groups. Using acquired investigative expertise and state-of-the-art electronic equipment, the Secret Service now has the ability to effectively investigate the use of such telephones.

  • Whose jurisdiction it falls under?

    The Secret Service has become the recognized law enforcement expert in the field of telecommunications fraud.

    It works closely with other law enforcement agencies, as well as representatives of the telecommunications industry in conducting telecommunications fraud investigations.

    These types of investigations, in many instances, act as a nexus to other criminal enterprises, such as access device fraud, counterfeiting, money laundering, and the trafficking of narcotics.

In a Nutshell
What can an individual do about it? Nothing much for at least a month until you get your monthly bill.

Examine it closely. If you want to know whether a fraudulent call has gone out with your number without your consent before you get the bill, get online with your carrier provided login and you can see the calls made on an almost daily basis.

Watch this video

Mobile Phones Being Hacked and Cloned: Kingpin Busted.

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