Boost Project Performance By Using Templates

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Organizations around the world are implementing formal project management processes and disciplines to deliver their work initiatives on time, within budget and to an agreed upon level of quality.

Part of the ability to execute better, faster and cheaper comes from your ability to implement common project management processes and practices.

Many organizations have attempted to deploy common processes and build competencies by creating a Project Management Office (PMO).

Boost Project Performance By Using Templates

A Project Management Office can add significant value to your projects and to your entire organization. Deploying your methodology is not a trivial affair.

Method123 Project Management Methodology (MPMM) includes an entire methodology for managing projects. It comes with all the templates, techniques, e-sessions and examples you need to learn and apply the concepts quickly to your project.

MPMM allows you to customize your own project management methodology. You can import your existing processes and templates, and modify MPMM to meet your needs.

  • MPMM helps you:

    • Deliver projects faster

    • Quickly learn and apply the concepts

    • Use the right project processes

    • Boost the quality of your documents

    • Improve your project success

If you are really serious about your organization adopting the new methodology, you must structure and implement Deployment Project(s), taking a long-term, holistic view.

  • Boost Performance

    These project templates boost your performance.

    You can complete project documents in less time and to a higher standard of quality by using them.

    Download the entire Project Management Kit right here and now.

    This kit includes all of the templates you need to deliver projects on time.

  • Why use Templates?

    If you have to complete a project document, then most people start by searching the web or their personal file folders for something they have used in the past.

    This is time consuming, and you usually find something that isn’t directly relevant, so you have to start again anyway.

    So to save them time, people use Templates. They are pre-formatted word documents that contain all of the sections you need to complete a document.

    By using a pre-formatted template, you never have to start from scratch.

    And because they have been written by project experts and have been professionally designed, they look great and give you the content you need.

  • Improve the Quality of your Work

    If you have to complete project documents regularly and you want to improve the quality of each document, then try these templates.

    Each document has been professionally laid out and includes all of the charts, tables and practical examples you need.

    All you have to do is fill-in the gaps.

  • The Templates include…

    The Template Kit helps you identify all the things that need to be done on your project.

    • Initiate
    • Plan
    • Execute
    • Close
    • Bundled for added value

    Part of the ability to execute better, faster and cheaper comes from your ability to implement common processes and practices across your entire organization.

    Templates can help you understand how to best define and utilize a PMO within your organization. We will not come in with a blank sheet of paper.

    We will use PMOStep, our proven model for building structuring a PMO to meet the specific needs of your company.

    Templates can help you make sure you don’t miss an important step in the journey.

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