Boost Your Income – How to Make More on the Side

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Over the past few decades, salaries have simply not kept up with inflation and many of us are hurting for cash. When your income is not enough to pay off a debt or buy gifts for the holidays it becomes necessary to look for another way to add to your income.

There is no ultimate answer to this dilemma – what’s best for you comes down to your strengths, weaknesses and personal preferences.

Fortunately, the benefits of getting a 2nd job is not just the extra cash; at side jobs you’ll develop your skills, make friends and build your network.

Boost Your Income - How to Make More on the Side

Here are just a few options available to you to make some extra cash.

  • Drive for Uber or Lyft

    Now this may not seem like a very good idea but if you are able to give up a few weekends out of your month, it can certainly pay off. There are a few requirements for possible drivers but, honestly, it’s nothing too strenuous.

    However, you must remember that the wear and tear on your car and the gasoline consumed as expenses before calculating totals.

    This may not be for everyone as catering to the night crowd may not be up our alley.

    Consider all the pros and cons before venturing down this road.

  • Sell Items Online

    Thousands of online sellers do it as their full time job as there is an art to the sell.

    If you want to make selling online into a side business with reoccurring revenue, you need to be able to buy goods cheaply and resell them for a profit.

    There are several sources that you can acquire the merchandise like used book stores and yard sales.

    Auctions can also be a great source as some collectors’ items can be undervalued. If you re-list each item individually, often you’ll make a killing.

    You can get rid of many unwanted possessions for quick cash with great sources, like this website, as they can make it extremely easy.

  • Serve Part-Time in a Restaurant

    Restaurants are a lot more popular during the weekends and are always looking for extra help to cater to the crowds.

    There are always jobs available in the food service industry but often it takes sucking up your pride and doing just doing it to get started.

    Because of tips, the best paid workers are waiters (especially at high end restaurants) and bartenders.

    Free delicious food is an always plus and can help cut down on costs as well. These jobs can be difficult though as you are always on your feet and definitely aren’t for everyone.

    But restaurant workers are known to have good camaraderie so this can be a great choice if you’re looking to make friends.

  • Look for a Seasonal Job

    You get your foot in the door by working during the holiday season, when they always need extra help. What do you know a lot about?

    If you are very familiar with Apple products, working in an Apple store would not be a bad choice.

    Often there will be a sizable store discount. So if you really like buying electronics, work in an electronics store.

There are many ways to make money on the side and these are only a few of the avenues you can explore. Not only do you make extra cash, but you can also acquire new skills and make new acquaintances.

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