Branding Your Project with Marketing Communication

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At TenStep, we define three major categories of communication within a Communications Plan – mandatory, informational and marketing.

If your project is controversial or if it requires culture change to be successful, you should focus on marketing communications.

Branding is a more sophisticated form of marketing communication.

The purpose of branding a project is to associate a positive image and emotion with your work.

This is not something most projects need to be concerned about.

Branding Your Project with Marketing Communication

  • Branding impact

    However, ask yourself some questions regarding the impact your project will have on the organization.

    • Does it impact a large number of people or maybe the entire company?

    • Will it require a culture change or a change in the way people do their job?

    • Will your project make people nervous or afraid?

    These are the types of projects that would be candidates for branding.

    All large projects get branded.

    If you don’t do anything, this branding is generally negative.

    It is just the nature of people that they seem to think that change is bad.

    Positive branding communication helps you proactively build the positive image you want to portray rather than getting stuck with one.

  • Branding activities

    There are activities that a project can perform to help with the branding campaign. Examples of activities include:

    • Establishing a positive project name

    • Testimonials from early users

    • Proactive newsletters

    • Countdown days until live date

    • Publicizing project successes

    • etc.

  • Why the fuss?

    You might be wondering why this all matters.

    Does this sound like just a bunch of fluff and unnecessary work? It is not.

    It matters because it is much more difficult for your project to be successful if the people that have to change are negative.

    It is much easier for you if they are positive about the change – or at least neutral. That is where the value-add comes in.

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