Breaking Into New Field Of Employment

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If you can’t get a job in your field that you have been so used to, you can break into another field that is somewhat related to what you have been working in. However, breaking into any field is always tough, and this is not an easy time for job seekers as the unemployment rate is still quite high.

New Opportunity

However, with some ingenuity and perseverance, you might be able to break into a new field of employment.

Below are few steps to bear in mind when you intend to change current field of your career:

  • Don’t send resume through email

    If you are sending e-mail resumes, it could be a waste of time on your part, since most job requisitions call for specific experience.

    If you don’t have it, you resume goes into the round file. In other words, try to avoid going through Human Resources (HR) department.

  • Use other connections

    Use any connections you have to get introductions/interviews. Talk to people, relatives, friends, even strangers at public places like Starbucks. Keep at it – persistence and determination are the key traits for success.

  • Send them a thank you note

    If anyone helps you, send them a thank you note. Read the business news in your locale. If you see a company that looks like it is growing, call their 800 number and ask for the name of a vice president in your area of interest. Then send him/her a letter (not an email) convincing them that they should hire you. Chances are they will pass it along to a subordinate who will actually read it. This improves your chances of being seen.

  • Never drop in on anyone

    Keep in mind this motto of recruiters. Never drop in on anyone. Cold calling for a job is a waste of time at best; and, could be viewed as an annoying unscheduled interruption for anyone who is busy.

  • Hang around a local coffee shop

    You would actually do better to hang around a local coffee shop and casually talk to fellow patrons who (like you) are dressed for work. Have today’s Wall Street Journal in front of you, and say something like, “Boy what a crappy time to be looking for a job…” If a conversation develops, mention that you are looking for a job mentioning your field of interest.

  • Practice telling people what you want to do in 12-15 words

    “I’m looking for an entry level career opportunity, for example, as a business systems analyst.” Longer than that and they lose interest. No life stories, no religious references, no visible tattoos. If they seem interested in helping, you have a “lead”. Hand them your resume and business card. If anyone helps you, thank them warmly with a timely e-mail or handwritten note.

  • It’s not really crappy time

    This really is not a crappy time like a few years ago to be looking for a job. The job situation has gotten a lot better. So even for entry level position, it might be a good time. Targeting smaller companies is also a good strategy. Find the ones that are still growing – they are out there.

In a Nutshell
When you go out to a cafe’ or similar public place, carry a resume or two and your business card with you. You never know whom you bump into.

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