Broken Budgeting: How You Might be Selling Yourself Short

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Budgeting can be an overwhelming process. Even if you think you have it figured out, you may, in fact, be selling yourself short.

You can improve your budgeting process, as well as your financial situation, by following some basic tips and analyzing whether you could be saving or earning more. 

Broken Budgeting How You Might be Selling Yourself Short

  • Basic Budgeting Tips

    Knowing and adhering to basic budgeting tips can be very helpful in actually reaping the benefits of having a budget. For beginners it is key to find a budgeting method that works for you.

    For some people, this is using a pad of paper with different colored pens, for others it entails creating your own spread sheet, tailored to your needs, and for others it involves downloading a spreadsheet or program online that fits your lifestyle.

    Once you have found a budget method that works for you, it is important to designate a consistent time and place each month and commit to creating your budget at that time.

    Gittens & Associates suggest designating a time either halfway through the month or weekly to do budget updates in order to stay informed about where your finances are.

    This makes it easy to know if your spending needs to be adjusted during a given month for you to end within your budget.

  • Saving More

    One of the major benefits of budgeting is the fact that it allows you to analyze your spending so you can determine areas where you can cut spending in order to save.

    For example, you may find out you are spending $200 a month eating out. This is a luxury, not a necessity, and is an area that could be cut easily by cooking at home, bringing a lunch to work, etc.

    By paring down each budget category as low as you can go, or as low as you feel comfortable with for a given month, you can free up a significant amount of money.

    It might also be wise to consider adding more to your saving account. Plan ahead for the future and make sure your savings and retirement fund are adding up to something you’ll be able to use.

    According to a Newfoundland firm specializing in living wills, the key to a good retirement fund is starting your savings early.

  • Earning More

    Your budget also provides a framework for you to analyze whether any financial struggles could be a result of a need to earn more.

    While some financial issues can be eliminated by setting limits and spending less, sometimes there is just simply not enough money to meet basic needs.

    If you have cut your budget to the most it can be, but are still not able to meet basic needs, it is time to consider asking for a raise, seeking new employment, or perhaps seeking supplemental employment.

Budgeting may seem daunting at first, but by choosing a method that works for you and analyzing your spending and earning, it will hopefully become more manageable and very beneficial.

By following the discussed budgeting tips, you can ensure you are not selling yourself short when it comes to your finances.

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