Build And Render A Search Engine Optimized Website For More Traffic

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In 2019 you will need to focus more on how you can improve your existing website in performance, in appeal and in gaining more traffic.

It is no more a secret that Google prefers sites that are technically excellent and ranks them higher on the SERPs.

Therefore, if you want more organic traffic to your site you will have to build a site that will render the level of performance that is required by the search engine and provide user experience at the highest possible level.

This can only be possible when your site ranks well in the SERPs and if you want that then there is no alternative to ensuring that you cover the basics and do everything else that you can above and beyond that.

In order to achieve technical excellence in your web design, there are a few basic aspects that you should know and follow. Technical excellence has always been the most important factor for a site to do well.

If your site is not gaining traffic as much as it should then rest assured that you have a lot to do to fix the issues within its architecture. This will help you to meet all the requirements of Google algorithm and put your site in the best position not only in this year but also for the foreseeable future.

Build And Render A Search Engine Optimized Website For More Traffic

  • Build and render

    Your primary focus like all other web developers NYC while building your site should be in optimizing the crucial path and loading the files asynchronously. There are a few specific techniques that you should follow in order to speed up the build process.

    • These techniques will significantly cut down the time your site may take to render the page on the browser of the user.

    • These techniques will also help you to reach to the final stage which is the key to optimize the critical rendering path.

    This means you will need to cut down on the number of resources, particularly those that are known to be blocking the first part of the web page that the user is supposed to see from rendering.

    If you can prevent render blocking, you will automatically speed up the entire rendering process. This will in turn help in a lot of other jobs such as:

    • Loading the files more asynchronously and

    • De-prioritizing some of the files so that they load at a later stage.

    Most Content Management Systems essentially comes with some features that help in the optimization for render blocking. However, if you still continue to see poor performance of your site in your browser, you should take a closer look at the issue so that you can speed up the process.

    It is essential that you ensure:

    • That the CSS files and the big JavaScript does not load in the document head

    • All JavaScript is de-prioritized if possible to the footer

    • The CSS files are loaded only when it is necessary and

    • All external resources are loaded asynchronously if possible.

    All these are very technical aspects to consider if you want to augment the performance and speed of your website.

    These technical activities will transform your website into a much better one that will perform well in both paid as well as organic channels.

  • Serving the mobile customers

    When your site is high in speed and performance you will automatically make it optimized for mobile. This will ensure that you reach out to a larger section of the audience and make the best use to convert them into your prospective clients.

    According to a few researches it is found that:

    • More than 52% of the web traffic all over the world is due to the mobile site visits

    • This number is close to 60% in most developed countries such as the US and the UK.

    This means you should have a mobile responsive site designed if you want your business site to gain new users, retain the old ones and convert as many users to your loyal customers as possible.

    The need to build such a site is even more necessary because you will need to meet with the Mobile First Index policy of Google. This means that Google will consider the mobile version of a website instead of the desktop version to decide the baseline for it regarding how well it performs and how it should rank the site.

    If you create a mobile version of your website it will help you to achieve search engine visibility and conversion.

  • Designing a mobile friendly site

    If you want to design a mobile friendly site or update your existing site to make it one, it is important that you follow a specific process to do it the right way.

    There are usually three common solutions for making a mobile site:

    • Dynamic serving – This separates the site designs that are built for each device. It helps the server to load the right one for the user according to their request and depending on the type of device they are using.

    • Responsive – In this solution only a single set of HTML code is built and maintained. However, this code renders differently depending on the size of the screen.

    • – This is actually the original solution. It involves crafting a separate site on an ‘m.’ subdomain. This helps in redirecting the mobile users to it.

    All these three solutions are exceptionally helpful and viable to speed up the site and enhance its performance. This will also make your site extremely mobile friendly and meet the explicit requirement of Google to gain a higher rank in the SERPs.

  • Ending with the benefits

    There are lots of benefits in building and rendering through a responsive web design which is why you should focus on it.

    • Firstly, from the perspective of Google, it is preferable as there are no redirects involved and

    • Secondly, from the point of view of web managers and web developers, you will have to deal with only one set of HTML code.

    Lastly, it ensures building, maintaining, and tracking of the site and many conversion funnels from different devices is much easier.

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