Builders Exchange- Creating a Network for the Construction Industry

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Construction associations and builders exchanges are known for their traditions that have withstood the test of time and commitment to establishing long-standing relationships within the construction industry.

These traditions are based on bridging various needs of suppliers, vendors, subcontractors, contractors, design communities, architects and owners by providing an interconnected system of construction information and news services.

  • Contractors

    • Contractors can benefit as members of a construction association or builders exchange. This is a cost-effective and simple way for companies to be kept informed about upcoming projects that are up for bids, information about bidding and helps to simplify the actual process of bidding as qualified bids are obtained.

    • All construction association or builders exchange services aim to simplify and strengthen the bid process and project procurement as well as to serve as an effective communications channel that project owners, design firms, suppliers, subcontractors and contractors can utilize.

    • For individuals and companies that are not members of construction associations or builders exchange, it is important to research more about the locations of network participants to find listings of local member exchanges or construction associations in order to join.

    • It is always helpful to be an active part of a strong network of professionals in the construction industry.

  • Member Benefits

    Benefits of becoming a member include the following;

    • Fleet vehicle purchases.

    • Telecommunication services.

    • Shipping services.

    • Various discount programs for services.

    • Purchase programs for groups.

    • Update and printing services.

    • Scholarships, training and education.

    • Access to information regarding planned projects.

    Provisions for insurance include industry resources, legislative advocacy, home and auto, life, workers compensation, dental and medical. Visit

  • Government Agencies

    Publicly funded projects that are advertised through builders exchange networks ensure that taxpayers fund projects that will only be performed by qualified local contractors at competitive rates. Bid solicitation services comply with legal requirements pertaining to advertising projects that are publicly owned.

    Project information and specifications can be viewed online to enable contractors prepare for bids on a 24 hour basis. Online services are accessible for approved builders exchange members. Accessibility is appropriately monitored and controlled by the service provider.

  • Designers

    Builders exchange value the mutual and sustainable supportive relationship that they share with the design community. Architects and engineers that work with local builders exchanges are able to access qualified bids from skilled and experienced suppliers, subcontractors and contractors, which can save money and time.

    Some of the assistance provided to members and project owners includes:

    • Providing information regarding industry practices, legal requirements and market conditions.

    • Minimizing office disruption that can arise from contractors seeing information about bids.

    • Reducing the expenses of printing specification books and blueprints.

    • Minimizing telephone inquires that seek routine information ranging from bid dates to meeting times.

    • Securing information to reduce liability and protect design integrity.

    • Finding experienced qualified contractors and suppliers.

    • Coordinating bid dates.

  • Project Owners

    Builders exchange network makes it possible for project owners to get competitive bid prices for construction projects. This is achieved by obtaining a pool of qualified and experienced local contractors who have been approved as members of the construction association. The service also enables owners to locate contractors that fulfill certain requirements.

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