Building Relationship With Headhunters Can Help You Get Job

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David McCann over at has an article with the heading “What You Don’t Know about Headhunters: 10 Tips”. It’s over five years old but still is as applicable as back then when he wrote it on January 18, 2008.

It seems to me that you have to impress two kinds of people: First is one who can look the job for you and sets up interview with potential employers. The second is the employer itself.

Both needs to be looked at and be friendly with quite seriously and for obvious reasons. You need a job and you have to work hard and smart to get it.

David McCann has summed up the essence of the article in two sentences:

The essence of the article

First is understanding what makes recruiters tick and is a vital but often overlooked component of the job hunt.

The second is because the unemployment is still higher than 7.5% and there is more competition for a job – in a shaky economy – it may be more crucial than ever.

Headhunter Relationship

He further points out that it is better to forge relationships with recruiters when you weren’t in such a hurry to move, assuming you are now because of the huge layoffs month after month.

That way, a recruiter could have contacted you as positions became available.

In any case, I picked out the following tips out of the 10:

  1. The right recruiter

    There are two kinds of recruiting firms: contingency and retained. The contingency firms get paid only when a candidate they found gets hired by a client. So just by definition, some can be good others not so good.

    Companies hire firms on retainer to identify candidates, thoroughly learn about them, and present a short list to be interviewed. Retained recruiting firms play an enormous role in helping determine who gets hired.

  2. Email is the best way

    To make initial contact with a recruiter, send an E-mail. Some recruiters don’t mind a phone call or even a brief visit to get acquainted – to a point.

  3. Return their calls promptly

    Recruiters take a dim view of you not returning their calls. So it’s essential that you call back promptly and update them about you.

  4. You scratch my back, I scratch yours

    Among the best ways to build a relationship with recruiters is to help them succeed. If one calls you about a job that is not right for you, make every effort to refer him or her to someone else who might be more appropriate.

  5. Update your record

    Update your record on the recruiter’s website frequently.

In a Nutshell
The best time to find a good recruiter is when you are not in the market for a new job. That’s when you have the time to do research on your own and find the best recruiter who has some knowledge of the field you are working in.

So if you have a job right now and are willing to move to a different company in the near future, now may be a good time to find the best recruiter.

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