Business Degree Goes Well With Technical Expertise

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Business education not only goes well with technical expertise, but with other fields as well. If you have worked in a technical field for sometime and that’s all you have done, then maybe it’s time you thought about having some business background as well.

The best and easiest way to go about is to ask your Human Resources Representative if going to business school is part of employee benefits.

You will not only increase your salary, but you will also increase your know-how about business so that you would be poised for advancing more in your career. You will expand your horizon of dealing with your colleagues and adversaries more effectively and fruitfully.

I have seen technical folks working in cubicles for too long. Granted some of them have done almost miracles developing some high-class software and new hardware gadgets, but chances are they don’t know one thing from another so far as running a business or perhaps a department.

According to BusinessWeek, Management professionals can increase their salaries by up to $30,000 with Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree and make an average salary of $104,000 a year.

Enhance your leadership skills. Acquire the principles of teamwork. And make yourself a more well-rounded and desirable Management professional.


In addition to a higher paying Management job, here are some other great benefits of MBA degree:

  • Leadership Skills

    Of course, you can have great leadership skills without going to business school. However, you will begin to understand the business at hand with new perspective.

  • Acquire the principles of teamwork

    While in the program, take a course in the principles of teamwork. We all know we can never work in isolation effectively. You will learn a lot more about teamwork in business school than in-house seminars.

  • Career Advancement

    Many career paths require individuals to obtain their MBA. If you have good technical background, then business school will show you new horizon to conquer.

  • Career Change

    Professionals seeking a career change may need to increase their marketability by obtaining MBA.

  • Entrepreneurship

    Turn to MBA degree to obtain the necessary skills of business ownership. Take a course or two in Entrepreneurship.

  • Increasing Areas of Expertise

    Focusing your studies with an MBA can enhance your knowledge within the Management industry. You would be able to communicate with your employees and your superiors more effectively and with more confidence.

In a Nutshell
Open the doors to Management career opportunities in top level positions that were never available to you before. Go for an MBA especially when your employer can help with your business school fee and books.

Technical guys have a misconception that they are running the show in this world. But in reality, it’s the business guy who tells the techie what the business needs are at the time. So the technical guys follow the business guys but the reverse is definitely not true.

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