Business Must Lead Technology For Better Performance

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First off, let me say that technology leading business has, on the most part, failed miserably. The reverse is always true. Business must lead technology for better performance. Some still follow the reverse and many of them have followed the path to disaster.

There should be only one school of thought but unfortunately, there are two.

One school of thought says business must lead technology – fortunately the majority do so.

Another still stubbornly believes it’s the technology that must lead the business – fortunately the minority do so.

Business Must Lead Technology For Better Performance

In fact, technology leading business can and has turned into big disasters. It’s the business guy who must initiate and direct the technical guy what the business requirements are.

Business must lead. Technology must follow. That can be the essence of success in business.

  • Technology leading Business has led to disasters…

    There have been times – unfortunately more than we could afford – where a certain technology was implemented just to be in sync with the rest of the business world.

    No specifics of the business requirements were taken into consideration. IT (Information Technology) guys were in control of the business in many instances.

    Many companies adopting those tactics are long gone and have been deleted from the surface of the business landscape permanently.

    Those days are gone or at least in theory. In practice, some may still be following the strategy of “IT leads business.” That’s very unfortunate for the business itself.

  • Entrepreneurs can be technical or business guys…

    A business can be started by anyone – business or technical guys. After a few years, the person with the purely technical background must leave the top position of the company to a business man or woman to take the company to the next high level.

    Of course, there are exceptions, namely Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and a few others who have proven to have the shrewdness of a businessman.

    But by and large, it’s the businessman who must lead and direct the technical folks.

  • Business wants immediate results from IT…

    If you have a small business, you must have implemented Information Technology, commonly known as IT, to conveniently and efficiently perform your duties in business.

    If not, then it’s about time you do so. The changing business landscape creates new challenges for technology.

Business leaders want technology to drive immediate results. That can and may happen.

IT leaders must do so while promoting the long-term interests of the enterprise.

At that point, IT must find a way to move forward and ensure to follow the organization focus on its business strategy and accordingly on the innovations that are the building blocks of the future.

In a Nutshell
IT must think and follow the business core strategies. Accordingly, it must secure the future of the business.

At a time when resources are limited, learn how the shift to simplification and self-sufficiency can eliminate redundancy and help your business and IT organization move from support and service roles to higher-value activities.

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