Businesses That Are Blooming in Summer and How to Make Them Successful

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Summer is a great season for many entrepreneurs to give a try at various services.

High temperatures and an increased number of tourists during summer create opportunities for certain services to successfully develop or increase their profit.

Here are some of the popular summer businesses and simple tricks to make them successful.

Businesses That Are Blooming in Summer and How to Make Them Successful

  • Child care

    When out of school during the summer, kids have a lot of free time and a lot of energy to spend during the day. That’s why many parents are desperate for a responsible person that could watch over their kids.

    If you are a patient person that loves kids and whom kids find fun, you should definitely make money by charging per hour or day to take care of children.

    You can increase your chances of finding a job if you also offer to drive kids to outdoor activities like playing at other children’s homes or to a swimming pool.

    Once you find the first family, don’t be shy to tell them to offer your services to other families with kids – it could be a full-time job during the summer.

  • Lawn, pool and yard maintenance

    People spend a lot of time outdoors in the summer, not finding enough time to deal with their lawn, yard or pool – this is your chance to step in and offer them your services.

    Be prepared in advance and get the necessary equipment for hedge shearing, weed pulling and mowing – you’ll leave the impression of a professional person.

    If you have a home office, use it to find new clients. You can also give some ideas to clients on how to improve their curb appeal – your enthusiasm won’t be forgotten.

  • Home rental

    It probably didn’t come to your mind that maybe your home is a perfect attraction to those seeking an authentic experience when traveling in the summer.

    Take advantage of the fact that some tourists choose local homes over hotels. You can rent the extra room in your home via online platforms like Airbnb. The smart move first would be to make smaller renovations to your home and decorate it to make it more appealing.

    Also, you can check if you can serve as a middle-man between tourists and your friends and neighbors 0 another source of extra profit!

  • Café/stand

    Most people enjoy refreshing summer beverages, so why not set up a cool café where you would offer a wide choice of lemonades, smoothies and ice-creams and, of course, cold bottled water?

    The first thing is to find a good location where a lot of tourists pass by, but also local people gather frequently. Think of a catchy name for your cafe and attract everybody’s attention.

    As you definitely should have an outside sitting area, make sure people can actually sit outside and be protected from the bright sunlight by installing retractable roof blinds, which are a simple but effective solution.

    In case you don’t have the budget to set up a cafe, try with a stand in a busy, popular location – it’s important to be present at local events because big crowds bring you extra profit.

  • Tour guidance

    If you live in a tourist area, you can provide organized tours and guidance through your town, even if you don’t have a background in tourism.

    The secret is to be well organized, have a good website and sufficient knowledge of the local touristic sites.

    You can also come up with a beach tour and offer the transportation, too – the trick is to think like a tourist: what services would you need and appreciate in a foreign place?

Final comment

Summer jobs are a unique opportunity to earn some extra money. If you do it right, your summer job will be blooming, ensuring you a sure job next summer, too.

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