Buy Generic And Save Without Sacrificing Quality

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Buying generic will trim your bill on your everyday shopping. I always buy generic if it is available. Anything generic may not come in a pretty bottle or be as tasty as your favorite brands, but in many cases, the only thing that’s not premium about generics is the price. That’s because some generic brands are made by the same manufacturers that produce the products you know and so very much like.

For example,

  • Don’t dismiss your drugstore generic pain, cold and cough medications. The Food and Drug Administration requires that any products with the same active ingredient must meet the same efficacy standards. The price difference between a brand name and generic medication can be astronomical.
  • I buy generic frozen vegetables, pizza, in-store bakery, and almost everything else and save a lot.
  • Next time you hit the drugstore to buy your favorite body lotion, take a hard look at the drugstore-label version that’s likely sitting right next to your brand of choice.
  • Single-ingredient items, such as flour, salt, spices and sugar, are held to government regulations for production, packaging and storage. These items rarely attract in-store sales or manufacturer’s coupons.

In a Nutshell
Try generic and see for yourself. If you change your mindset to spend less, then generic may be one way of saving money.

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