Can Buick Lacrosse bring out the ‘GM’ in General Motors

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I mean the Grand Master that General Motors used to play the role as on the American automobile landscape. Christopher Jensen wrote on Buick LaCrosse in New York Times back in October 2009.

Jim Federico, G.M.’s global vehicle line executive for midsize cars, says the LaCrosse is not a rebadged Insignia with a green card in the glovebox. It has an interior done by a Chinese design lab and an exterior adapted by Americans from a Chinese design, all riding on what Mr. Federico calls “a heavily European-influenced chassis system.”

The 2010 LaCrosse is about the same size as its predecessor, but the look is new. One interesting element is that Buick’s signature “portholes” are on the hood, facing up, rather than on the fenders. Mr. Federico said this was no manufacturing mistake, that putting them on the side would have disrupted the design. “It broke up the car,” he said. “It was not flowing. You had lost the harmony.”



In a Nutshell
The author of the article Christopher says:

My biggest complaint about the interior: there are no trays on which something can be kept in view and easily retrieved.

I tested a CXL, which is expected to account for half of LaCrosse sales. Options like a navigation system, heated and cooled front seats and a fancy stereo brought the sticker price to $35,915. What one gets for that money is a near-luxury sedan with a distinctive style that is also interesting to drive. It recognizes that while baby boomers are getting older, they still want a connection with their cars.

A Buick With Higher Aspirations By CHRISTOPHER JENSEN Published: October 29, 2009 in the New York Times.

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