Can Promotional Products Help Your Startup Explore New Markets?

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Digital and mobile marketing campaigns are the new-age forms of marketing, but promotional products are the traditional form. So, when someone juxtaposes promotional products with marketing campaigns of start-ups, it seems a little baffling.

Startups follow new-age business workflows, and they have modern marketing strategies. Using traditional promotional campaigns for these enterprises seem somewhat counterintuitive.

However, the principles of promotional marketing of startup products and services are quite simple. If your prospective buyers see your brand logo, name, and colors on a t-shirt, mobile cover or flash drive, they are more likely to purchase from you shortly.

Research shows that promotional products still have a special place in the hearts of the consumers of the 21st century, irrespective of the type of business they approach.

So, whether you are a veteran corporation or a new start-up, promotional campaigns with customized products will add an extra layer of effectiveness to your campaign.

  • What should be your promotional product range?

    Your promotional products don’t always have to be a part of the products or services you are offering right now. It can be something complementary as well. For example – most cosmetics stores offer vanity boxes and makeup bags upon the purchase of products above a certain amount.

    These branded bags serve as a visual cue for the customers to check out the stores and brands later, and it prompts potential consumers to check out the brands as well. That can provide you with a whole world of ideas about promotional products.

    If you are offering data management services, you can go with flash drives and mobile accessories that your customers will find useful.

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  • Which startup has aced product promotions?

    In reality, customers who receive promotional products are 2.5 times more likely to remember the brand with a positive attitude than the brands that show digital ads only.

    Tangibility is a game changer right now since most services offer just digital experiences to their customers. As a result, many world-class websites and online services now offer unique branded complementary products along with the customer’s regular buys.

    For example – Twitter recently handed out promotional products in their “swag bag” to their new employees. This bag contained tote bags, a bottle of wine, t-shirts, laptop sleeves and notebooks.

    Twitter was one of the businesses (although no longer a startup) to put the promotional product campaigns back on the map of the startup strategies.

  • A few pointers for your success

    One of the things you must remember while designing your promotional campaign is the quality of the products. You must think about their durability along with their usability.

    If you are catering to a mature audience, you cannot think about offering printed caps or pool floats along with your daily services and products.

    Consider your demographics before you go ahead and invest a significant amount of your capital in crafting products for your audience. Do not ignore your demographics, buyer trends, and their interests while designing your bespoke promotional products for the upcoming season.

    Always approach an experienced promotional printing and graphics agency, who can give you actionable advice on product selection and customer targeting.

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