Can You Become Financially Independent?

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Me? No. You? Maybe. I have been trying the last year and a half to make some money online and become financially independent. So far, I have made 20 bucks. I have this blog on personal finances. If you scroll down to the bottom, you would see the link to a website as well where I explain how to create your first website.

Come to think of it, $20 ain’t so bad. I tell my kids I am not spending it. This is my inheritance to you guys.

There must be some ways to increase my income. A friend of mine suggested the few points that I want to share with you. Now, these points are not in any order. They are definitely not prioritized.

So feel free to start wherever from and whenever you want. These are all mutually exclusive. That means, if my kids are reading this post, one way to make money does not depend on another which, in turn, means financially independent???.

  • Increase your pay

    Now, it’s easier said than done. We have rules and regulations. Well! Maybe not for a chosen few. We have policies we must abide by unless some of us are working for financial institutions in an executive position.

    It used to be that either you changed your job or kept working hard as hell and got a raise, you would increase your paycheck. Not anymore.

    The best way to make money is screw up a company, ask the government to help you and then “take the money and run”, like Woody Allen once did.

  • Prepare to die

    I mean prepare to get a big bonus. I guess I was wrong. The previous point is not mutually exclusive with this one.

    Again screw up the business, ask the government to give you a huge, I mean humongous bonus.

    The Treasury has the money. They never say NO to anybody, not to the executives anyway. You need to be strong and think like a loser and get what you want which is, you guessed it, big bonus.

    You will be happier in your new role and you will feel a sense of worth as a loser once you take the plunge.

  • Your own business

    If you are an expert in your field or better yet you are thought of as an expert, you can make big bucks.

    Just give a financial institution the impression that you can do the job better in future even though you may have screwed up or really screwed the company to its grave.

    You are entitled to get at least a million dollar bonus and that is just to retain you. Possibilities are endless.

  • Passive income online

    My friend says try it, you like it. I have been doing this for 18 months, so far $20. It’s OK. I am still living in my house.

    Every time I go to a drugstore, I go straight to the alka seltzer shelf. Sometimes I feel like I was born for alka seltzer, or is it the other way around?

  • Buy property

    Now, this is something I can do if I can get my hands on some big money like a bonus. I gotta go back to what I have not done so far. Try a financial institution for a job even if I have no education and no experience in that field.

    If luck have it, I would get the job. Then a big bonus is not too far off. Buying property would then follow. Piece-a-cake.

  • Play the market

    Play it. Try it. A few years ago, prices for some stocks were going up and up by the hour. Remember those dot com days before the bust or is it burst? They were up in the stratosphere.

    I told my friend I can bring them down to earth. He said how? I bought in them and in three days they were not only down to earth, a couple were below the surface.

  • Be a big schmuck, get a big bonus

    English not being my first language, I don’t know how to explain this. I am always looking for some nice and decent words like the word schmuck. Sometimes I can’t find them. I guess this is one of those times.

    Sorry for not explaining it. I will leave it to the big losers or the schmucks. They would understand it. Oh, yes-siree! They would definitely understand it.

In a Nutshell
I have not been able to increase my income except by hard work or rather these days by smart work.

Remember the adage, work smarter not harder. I am 63 years old. Those days are gone. The good old days where I could make some more money but I didn’t. I just didn’t know how.

I started new category. I named it Make Money. I guess quite a few blogs have this category. So far I have not found any business that would make me money.

I will keep trying. If and when I find it, you will know it right here, of course. As the saying goes, I am at the bottom. I have nowhere else to go but up.

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