Can You Hit The Ground Running From Day 1 On The Job?

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Faced with tight budgets, few companies these days are willing to spend money on training new hires. Instead, they are looking for applicants who can hit the ground running from the first day on the job. During your interviews, ask what the company is looking for and explain how you can fulfill those needs.

Training or certification programs can hone your skills or acquire new ones. The good news: Many courses are offered for free. Guide to College Internship program, for example, provides educational and apprenticeship information for locating, bargaining and accepting internships.

All the below three institutions post the materials that professors use to teach their regular classes on the web for free.

Many prestigious universities, including

    Free Online Courses at Harvard

  • Harvard University

    It’s considered the oldest education institutions in the country.

    It has produced some of the best minds in the past and still does.

    It’s main campus is located in Cambridge, MA just a couple of miles across the river from Boston.

    According to its website, Harvard has more than 360,000 alumni around the world. The online program is called EDX.


  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    In Science & Technology and Business, MIT stands out among numerous education institutions not only in States but all over the world.

    It’s program is called MIT Open CourseWare.

    MIT publishes all of their course materials online and make them widely available to everyone wherever they may be living in the world.

  • Yale Open Courses

  • Yale University

    Yale has an Index (A-Z) which lists all of the activities that have been and still are being established.

    It provides a calendar which has all the available activities presently being offered at the university.

    You can check the online free courses here.

States also receive funding from the federal government for one-stop career centers. Services vary by center but include interview preparation and training events.

More free online courses…

There are many other institutions that offer free online courses on a variety of subjects. If you search for free courses, you’ll find many subjects and topics with which you can enhance your know-how and understanding.

Negotiate for better pay

Once you have the right know-how and experience, don’t be afraid to negotiate for better pay. Many employers won’t extend their best offer unless you negotiate. Don’t be afraid to ask for a 10% increase from your last salary – especially if you were underpaid.

In a Nutshell
Increase your know-how. Take courses and learn, especially when the courses are offered free.

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