Cash Karate: 4 Slick Financial Moves That Can Get You Out of a Bind

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For every raise you get at work, there will be five or more situations of financial struggle that offset if not overwhelm the positive monetary change in your life.

Being slick with your cash flow, especially during these dire times, can help get you out of this tight position.

In fact, that’s probably the only thing you can do—to tackle each financial problem in a somewhat dexterous and fluid manner as it passes along in life.

Here are four moves to do just that.

Cash Karate 4 Slick Financial Moves That Can Get You Out of a Bind

  1. Be Thrifty

    It’s an obvious move for someone with limited dollars in their pocket, but being thrifty is a rare quality these days and one that is neglected too often.

    Thanks to easily accessible lines of credit, people find more ways today to inflict financial harm to themselves than ever before.

    Whenever in a tight spot, always switch to your “thrifty” mode, pushing aside any and every unnecessary purchase and only sticking with basic needs.

  2. Lower Your Pride

    In times of financial struggle, one cannot afford to remain too proud. While this doesn’t necessarily mean you should panhandle or live with relatives who you aren’t even close to, be open enough to accept help when freely given.

    Use coupons when you buy at the local grocery, shop during sales events and when there’s discount deals, and throw a garage sale at your front yard.

  3. Consider Quick Cash

    Financial emergencies can hit without warning, whether it’s a time-sensitive medical procedure or a family member in need of some money.

    Using quick cash programs offer, as the name implies, access to funds with minimal application requirements and a relatively faster approval time.

    These programs, like those available from Nine Tails Inc., will require collateral in the form of mortgage contracts or other valuable assets to protect the interests of the lender.

  4. Get a Part-Time Job

    It will lead to less time for your personal leisure activities but it definitely helps you get out of the financial hole you’re in much faster.

    Secure a part-time home-based job that requires minimal to no upfront investment.

    Completing online surveys, entering Captcha codes, and writing a few articles every now and then can add up to a decent amount of money you can then use to pay off any debt or provide for your family’s basic needs.

These four moves aren’t just made for financially difficult times. You should practice them every day until they become second nature. Doing so will help you avoid financial troubles in the future.

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