Used wisely, credit allows for the convenient purchase of items both big and small. Used unwisely, credit can, and has, led to home foreclosures and bankruptcy. Learn to use credit and debit cards smartly and improve your credit score.

  • Any credit repair company that promises to remove legitimate bad debts from your credit history is lying. Under the Consumer Credit Protection Act, such information remains on your credit report for about seven years.

  • The disappearance of bad credits, if any, is only temporary. For help, check out the National Foundation For Credit Counseling.

  • However, having said that, a good credit score is your passport to competitive interest rates for mortgages, cars, credit card offers, job offers, insurance premiums and more. A strong score is worth it because it saves you money.

  • Go for a card that allows you to manage everything online so you stay under control, like this one

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Six Reasons to Use a Professional to Repair your Credit

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Credit repair agencies are the experts in credit repair. While any consumer has the right to dispute negative items on their credit report, choosing to do this during your free time is like trying to repair your vehicle without the tools or the mechanical knowledge needed to do so. If you are trying to improve […]

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The process of applying for credit is easy enough. You fill out a few lines on a form, present a copy of your drivers license, and the bank or retailer will then submit your application. Most people know this and have gone through the process before. However, many people will end up getting rejected for […]

Four Steps You Should Take Today to Improve Your Credit Report

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Whether you think about it or not, your financial history is all compiled into your credit report. The information in your credit report is then used to calculate your credit score, a number lenders use to determine whether or not you can get approved for loans and at what rate. For this reason, having a […]

Some Strategies To Follow To Take Care Of The Credit

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Due to the present economic instability most of us have to take help of the different financial alternatives like payday loans, instant credits etc. and often we fail to pay off the credit within the given time frame. This, in turn affects our credit report adversely, as a result of which you don’t get a […]

Mend your Credit History with Personal Loans!

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There are so many ways for a person with a bad credit to repair his credit record. This can be done with a personal loan as well, apart from other means. However, there are both advantages and disadvantages while trying to improve the credit ratings using personal loan. If your efforts are channelized properly, you […]

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Credit

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It’s very hard to establish a good credit in this extremely bad economy – some experts suggest it’s in the state of recovery, others say the worst since the last Great/Worst Depression. It’s increasingly difficult to keep your head above water. However, there are ways you can build and improve your credit history. Understanding how […]

How Debt Relief Affects Your Credit Score

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Getting out of debt can take years and there are many ways to achieve the same goal. Paying a little bit extra each month will get the job done but in reality, the goal of living debt free is a long ways away. There are alternatives that can speed up the process and get consumers […]

Why You Should Consolidate Your Credit Debt

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In this age, most of us have some kind of credit debt, whether we like it or not. Now we all know that this isn’t desirable, but there’s most probably nothing you can do that can make the debt magically disappear. Instead, a solution could be to consolidate your credit debt. For those of you […]

Lenders Check Your Record Before Granting You Credit

Friday, January 25, 2013, 2:00 AM | 1 Comment

The credit record-keeping companies – there are three of them – retain your credit for more than six years, perhaps ten. All your personal credit history is taken down and kept in their computers. If you have taken out mortgage, credit cards, student loan, even mobile phone contracts that you may have with your wireless […]

Good Dating Needs Good Credit Score

Friday, January 4, 2013, 2:00 AM | 2 Comments

There are articles floating around in the landscape of the Internet that raise the issues of good credit score resulting in good dating. It is becoming a trend on the dating scene to ask your date about his / her credit score. They want to know how reliable, responsible their date is; how they handle […]