Man lives in the sunlit world of what he believes to be reality. But… there is, unseen by most, an underworld, a phenomenon that is just as real, but not as brightly lit…Tales from the Darkside? Nope! Tales from the Debtside.

  • Debt is the toxin that feeds fear and fear is the toxin that feeds debt.

  • If you buy more than you need, you gain more debt than you want.

  • The person who thinks debt-free life is possible is the one who is going to get rid of debt in life. Make real effort to do so.

  • We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light - Plato

  • Any credit repair company that promises to remove legitimate bad debts from your credit history is lying.

  • Under the Consumer Credit Protection Act, such information remains on your credit report for about seven years.

  • The disappearance of bad credits, if any, is only temporary.

  • For help, check out the National Foundation For Credit Counseling.

Craving for Credit is the real problem!

We live in such a consumer driven society - credit cards just help us get what we want when we can't afford it. In our society we overeat, overspend, over consume. In general - donuts and credit cards are not the problem, our constant craving for food and credit is the real problem!

The Credit Card Song by Old Man Pie

Ahead of its time this is a cartoon animation that's been up on the web since 2006 and is all about the credit crunch crisis.

Credit card spending and loans from banks are in their trillions of dollars and something has to give. We no longer spend what we have earned, we spend what we haven't earned on the back of house price rises and yet more loans.

The banks are prospering and fat cats are awarding themselves massive bonuses, but it cannot continue.

Beware the debt time bomb may bring the walls of the western world clattering to the ground.

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Before the credit crunch started, many people had large sums of debt on their credit cards to the tune of $10,000 and up. Some still do. Some credit gurus will tell you that it was OK to have carried that kind of debt before the market meltdown, but I don’t think it ever was okay. […]