Cherish The Sunny Days: Outdoor Office Ideas

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On sunny days, everyone wants to get the most out of every moment, everybody tries to combine work with comfort and pleasure!

In order to do this, all you need is just to make an outdoor office. Your creativity and productivity will be on a maximum level.

Let the fresh air and sun rays come into your working life.

In this article, we will give you some tips on how to arrange an outdoor office.

Cherish The Sunny Days: Outdoor Office Ideas


    One of the most important things for working is concentration. So you will need a private place. Choose a quiet corner of your yard so there is no noise, distractions and prying eyes.

    You can use bushy shrubs for privacy walls around your green office. They will not only give you a sense of privacy but also decorate your working space.

    The fountain will protect you from all the extraneous noise, and the sound of water will help you concentrate and bring you calmness. An easier way to protect yourself from noise is to buy good quality speakers and listen to some classical music or sounds from nature. The effect is pretty much the same.

  • Wi-Fi

    You can’t work without the Internet, right? You should make sure that your Wi-Fi in an outdoor office is strong and stable. If there is an issue with the connection, you will just lose your temper and concentration and end up with empty hands. No work and no good office. Make sure that your router is close to the place you choose to be your workspace. Also, try to hang the device as high as possible or buy additional antennas that will give a higher power to the router.


    What is an office without electricity? You will need it to charge your computer, printer, lamp and fan (which we will talk further in the article). You don’t want to take your computer into the house every few hours to put it on recharge. So, electrical outlets should be close to your office. Another solution is to use an extension cord. Power banks could also do a job if you don’t want to be bothered with wires and cables.


    Another thing that can make you give up on your idea about an outside office is the sun. It can be quite annoying when your screen glares and dazzles and you can’t see anything on it. We come to the conclusion that your office should be placed in a shadow, or you should make it for your workplace.

    It is not a good idea to work while the sun is burning directly on your head. There are a few options to make sure you eliminate this issue: use a simple garden umbrella, a medium-sized awning and a garden pavilion for large spaces. You can also install a gazebo.


    Our guess is that you will work in the evenings too. Don’t forget that you will need additional lighting, so you don’t need to finish your work before sunset. You can find great table lamps or the ones that are powered by a laptop (if you are struggling with the electrical outlets). You could also attach outdoor laps around your yard.

  • FAN

    You are probably idealising the idea of an “office in the fresh air”, but don’t forget that sometimes you will have to fight a lack of freshness, summer heat and stuffiness. The solution is simple, use a fan. You will forget about overheating on hot days and feel a pleasant coolness and light breeze in your office all the time.

    A fan can also help you with the noise cancellation since it creates white noise that can help you concentrate. Double benefit!


    Some people would think that this step is not necessary, but we would disagree. It is very important to create a pleasant atmosphere in the place where you will spend up to ten hours a day. It should motivate you and give you positive energy. Don’t just take a table and chair outside. Decorate the place, so it reflects your personal style.
    Use your favourite colours, plant your favourite plants and be creative.


    Don’t just use some random, ordinary chair. The main rule is a soft surface. A rounded and soft sitting is important so that the vessels in the legs are not squeezed.

    If you already have a hard chair, but you don’t want to buy a soft one, you can put a pillow on it, either regular or special for sitting.

    If you want to avoid problems with the spine and vision, then follow the rule of right angles. When you sit, your knees and feet should be at an angle of 90 degrees to the floor, and the same angle should be between the thighs and torso.

    It is convenient when the back of a chair is in general, equal, smooth when there is an adjustable vertebral platen and a headrest for unloading of the cervical department. This rule is applied to regular office and for the outdoor office too. If you worry that bad weather can ruin it, just take your chair with you inside every time you finish with your work.


    There are many options for tables. Choose it according to the style of your work. If you are an artist and you draw, then you need a well-lit large wide table with the ability to put paints in boxes or on shelves.

    If you work on a laptop or tablet for most of the time, a small table with a well-thought-out charger for gadgets (which will also be handy, so you don’t have to worry about additional cables and wires) perhaps with a laptop stand, wireless charging for the phone and with evening lighting will be a great choice.


    Another great way to make yourself an outdoor workspace is to place it on the balcony. Not everyone has a big yard or a quiet corner in it. Working on a balcony can also be considered as working on fresh air. We don’t know about you, but for us, a balcony or loggia is an ideal place for an office or a mini-office.

    There is just enough space for one worker to be comfortable in. Apply the same rules. Design the area, use your favourite colours, make sure that you choose the right chair and table and enjoy! Add some plants so you feel like you are really outdoors. Plants are not only about beauty and colour variety but also stress reduction. Even a few colours can improve performance by as much as 15%, according to research.

    To make the flowers work, choose plants that are easy to care for, which emit a lot of oxygen and freshen the air: Crested Chlorophytum, Dracaena, Ficus and Boston Fern are known for their ability to filter the air.

    Don’t forget about the floor. Working on a cold unpleasant floor is not a good idea. Use artificial grass or an outdoor runner mat in your favourite colour.


    Last, but not least. If working from home is new to your family members, ask them not to disturb you during certain hours. Place a sign by your working area to let your family know when you are focused on an important task or when you are on a call. Ask them not to play or make noises near your “office”, we are sure that they will understand.


Recently, more and more people are trying to find for themselves the so-called remote work. This form of employment gives a person a lot of advantages: the ability to plan his working day himself, pay more attention to his family and be more often in the fresh air.

People of various professions can work outside the office: journalists, accountants, designers, sales managers, employees of online stores and many others. All they need to do their job is a laptop with an Internet connection. And they can work almost anywhere, including at their favourite yard. Why don’t you make yourself an outdoor office and join them?

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