Choosing a Dental Insurance Company – 4 Key Steps

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While most people are eligible to pay for dental expenses with the NHS pay-as-you-go plan, many people need additional treatments not covered under the program and want to avoid high out-of-pocket costs.

Dental insurance can be an excellent option to mitigate dental costs.

Read on to learn how dental insurance works and how you can choose the right insurance provider for you.

What is Dental Insurance?

With most insurance providers, you pay for the cost of dental treatment up front to the dentist; then you claim back the money from the insurance company. To get coverage from a private insurer, you pay a monthly or annual premium, which varies according to the level of coverage you need.

The benefit of having dental insurance in the UK is that the NHS plan only covers specific procedures, where as you can choose your level of coverage to include your preferred treatments with private dental insurance which is ideal for people who need major dental work or regular dental treatments.

However, before you choose a dental insurance provider, there are a few key steps that can help you make the right decision.

  1. Do They Offer Group Coverage?

    Many people actually have dental coverage through their employer’s group coverage policy. Group coverage offers many benefits that standard insurance policies don’t, but you do need to check your company’s policy to make sure you are covered for any potential treatments you need.

    The other big benefit to using a group policy is that they are often less expensive than purchasing individual policies, especially if you need insurance for your family or business.

  2. Review Individual Policies for Limitations

    Individual policies are generally more expensive and often have more limitations in terms of procedures and costs covered. Many policies have a cap on the maximum cost of dental treatments per year, which means that if your treatment exceeds that cap you will need to pay the rest of the bill.

    For new policy holders, there may also be a waiting period before you can claim. This can be anything from 3 – 6 months for general dental, to 12 – 18 months for major dental work. The best way to find the policy that fits your budget and health needs is to comparison shop and reviews each provider’s policy for limitations.

  3. Examine How Wide Their Network is in Your City

    One determining factor can be the level of availability of dentists in your area. Depending on the provider, you can only make a dental insurance claim if you are treated by a dentist approved by your provider.

    Unfortunately, for many people living in rural areas, and to some extent in larger metropolitan areas, there may not be many approved dentists available which can make it difficult to get an appointment or may mean that you will incur additional costs to travel to an approved dentist.

    Before committing to an insurance provider, be sure to check their list of participating dental practices and find out if there is a dentist in Richmond you feel comfortable using.

  4. Find Out What’s Covered Under the Policy

    The types of procedure covered under insurance vary significantly according to the insurance provider and your budget. Some policies only include general dental work such as check-ups, cleanings, examinations, and minor oral surgery.

    If you need cosmetic dental work or orthodontic treatments, you will need to pay a substantial amount extra. However, some providers offer plans that cover a larger proportion of major dental costs for a high premium.

    Always find out exactly what is covered by a policy so you can make an informed decision about whether to find a policy with a better price or more comprehensive coverage.

Final Thoughts

Going to the dentist can be expensive if you are paying out of pocket, and one way to reduce your dental expenses to take out dental insurance. However, different insurers offer different benefits, so it is vital to shop around to find the best fit for your health needs.

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