Choosing the Right POS System for the Right Industry

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Take advantage of the latest POS systems for your industry. Whether you own a restaurant, retail store or provide expert services for local business, you need a POS that fits your industry and improves your business model.

Discover how the latest trends and technology, like the Clover 2, can launch your business forward and help you improve your customer service experience.

Choosing the Right POS System for the Right Industry

  • Consider Size

    For many POS systems, size is everything. A bulky cash drawer and computer may work for a countertop POS, but you need something light and responsive for customer service agents and wait staff who are constantly moving. Even if your POS is on a counter, you may want to consider a more streamlined approach. By minimizing the hardware in between your cashier and customer, you can create a more organic relationship that fosters conversation.

  • Allow the Right Movement

    Choose a system like the CloverFlex for easy movement and fast-paced card processing. This tiny handheld looks just like your smartphone, but is able to provide all your various needs. Create a POS right at your customers’ tables for a convenient way to speed up the process.

    Another great way to utilize these handhelds is through inventory management. This powerful device is able to sync with your other POS systems using the latest software and either wireless 3G or WiFi connectivity. It’s easy to track inventory with this lightweight device in order to improve your overall communication and tracking. Whether you operate an extensive series of warehouses or have a small, efficient storage room, tracking has never been easier.

  • Create a Comprehensive POS

    Choose from a wide range of POS systems to get the customized performance you need. Whether you need to print receipts, accept touchless payments or provide a safe cash drawer for your cashier, you can tailor your POS system to fit your specific industry needs.

    A lightweight cash drawer gives you the ability to accept any type of payment. Find a system that combines a receipt printer, chip reader, touchless payment point and cash drawer to offer the most flexibility and convenience to your customers.

    Other systems, like the CloverFlex, balance this wide range of payment options with the need to be lightweight and portable. You won’t have the safety and convenience of a full cash drawer, but you can still accept any debit or credit card transactions and offer printed receipts directly from your handheld POS.

  • Choose an Affordable, Intuitive Option

    The latest technology doesn’t have to be expensive. The highest quality POS systems can come with free installation, no contract and an affordable monthly payment to enjoy all the latest POS software features. Find a free POS hardware system or select from affordable options that offer you the customization you need.

From the lightweight CloverFlex and Booker POS to the comprehensive Clover Station, take charge of your POS and give your customers an industry-leading transaction experience. Whether you process hundreds of transactions a day or just a few high-quality sales to loyal customers, find out how you can save money with your POS system today.

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