Cleaning Up Your Home: How to Get Top Dollar For Your Junk

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When the clutter in your home begins to overstay its welcome, it may be time to do an overhaul and make extra space. Not only will it create a more organized home, but you can also earn a pretty penny for your unused items. Instead of throwing out the goods, there are a number of resources available to earn extra cash with your old belongings.

Cleaning up your home how to get top dollar for junk

  • Take Items to a Pawn Shop

    Pawn shops are always looking for antiques or valuable jewelry for a quick way to make a profit. Visit a few different locations for a fair appraisal that matches the value that you found with your own research.

  • Sell on Online Auction Sites

    Online auction sites like or connect your listings to millions of people around the world for a great way to increase your changes of earning the highest profit possible. The sites allow sellers to set a minimum amount with the bids to ensure they’re happy with each sale. Several eBay selling stores are also available to sell your goods for you if you’re inexperienced with the website.

  • Recycle the Metal and Electronics

    With scrap metal and old electronics that you may find in the basement or attic, it can be difficult to find a buyer that is interested in a product that has little use. Instead, opt for recycling the metal and electronics through local companies that will purchase a stainless steel microwave or an old TV. Scrapyards are often looking for metal that can be recycled, which can be a lucrative option that is also eco-friendly.

  • Sell at a Flea Market

    Flea markets are a step up from yard sales for a way to attract serious buyers who will pay more for your items. You can sell virtually anything at flea markets by renting out a space and displaying the products in an organized fashion. Tools, clothing, cookware, and decor are often the items that sell most at weekend flea markets.

Although it may take some extra work, it’s easy to earn more with your junk by shopping around and putting your products out to the public. Instead of opting for a garage sale, there are more ways to earn what the amount that the product is really worth. It makes for a great way to earn money, as well as stay motivated when doing your spring cleaning.

Information Credit to Federal Metals Inc, a Calgary Stainless Steel recycling company.

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