Cloud Security: 7 Top Things You Should Know

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Whenever we talk about cloud, the term ‘security’ automatically comes up. It seems that each time the cloud is talked about in the enterprise, the discussion to follow is highlighted on how secure or insecure, it actually is.

Some would make you believe the cloud is secured than on-premise, whereas others contend the same by saying that is the minimum secured place to store the data.

While considering cloud security, it is absolutely based on every individual organization and its governance to determine whether a cloud deployment is the best strategy. But, the cloud platform is developing overall, and it is essential to take into account how it impacts on the organization.

  1. The market of cloud security is raging over time

    As per the research, the market for security elements and services is developing internationally and the demand for cloud-centric security is leading right now.

  2. 43% of firms experienced data breach in the last year

    Data breaches last year were over all the leading news channels. Most of the big brands have made an announcement that their data had been on concession.

    In addition, data breaches in the country of South Korea had compromised the credit card details of forty percentages of the population.

  3. Cloud and security leads IT initiatives

    While the phrase ‘cloud security’ was not mentioned explicitly, both cloud and security lead the list of IT initiatives for entrepreneurs and executives in the report.

    36% of IT executives have ranked security as their foremost initiative, while thirty one percentages had cloud top their initiatives.

  4. It’s much more than private versus public

    One of the intense debates while it comes to cloud security is the range of security provided by the public and private clouds.

    While private cloud strategy would initially provide more control over data and simple reliance to PCI and HIPAA standards, it is inherently not more or less safer.

    Real security has much more to do with the overall cloud strategy and the way you use the technology.

  5. Storage is viewed as the riskiest cloud application

    While most users ponder over the cloud, they are possibly thinking about the famous backup services and cloud storage.

    Cloud storage is significant to the enterprise as well; however it presents its own risks and challenges.

    Risks and opportunities report obtained from cloud security alliance has listed storage as one of the most challenging cloud application.

    The second most challenging set of applications was those that deal with accounting or finance.

  6. Your employees are the greatest threat

    Outside hackers are those most people identify as their greatest threat to security, however employees pretense as equal amount of risk.

    The data breach industry claims that employees are the source of sixty percentages of security incidents. This is compounded further by employees who work remotely or utilizing their personal mobile device for accessing sensitive elements outside the company network.

  7. The right tools are not used always

    Fortunately, there are pretty a few methods by which enterprises could make their cloud initiative highly secured. While these services and tools exist, they are not used always in a proper way.

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