College Can Be Expensive: 4 Jobs That Can Help Get You Through School

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If you’re headed to university, you’re probably already aware that college can be a severe drain on your finances. A great way to mitigate some of the cost is by working your way through school. These four types of jobs can help you pay for college, and also provide useful experience to round out your education.

4 Jobs That Can Help Get You Through School

  1. Waiting Tables

    Working as a waitress or waiter can be a lucrative part-time job for a college student, especially at an upscale restaurant. Generally speaking, the wait staff at nicer restaurants will receive bigger tips.

    In addition, when potential employers visit college towns, they’ll need to eat somewhere. Waiting tables can be a great way to improve your interpersonal and time management skills, all while making some money to pay for your textbooks.

  2. Internships

    The best thing a college student can have on a resume is an internship (or several). A paid internship will not only boost your resume, but also help you cover the cost of your tuition. Obtaining a paid internship can be competitive, but gaining experience in your field will be invaluable.

    Internships are also a great way to build your professional network within your field of study, in addition to your academic network. Depending on the location of your college, you may be able to intern part-time during the school year, or you can pursue a full-time internship during the summer.

  3. Office Assistantships

    On any given college campus, there are a cornucopia of department offices, many of which need office assistants to complete day to day clerical tasks. Being an office assistant is not without its perks.

    Typically, on-campus jobs are more understanding and flexible with your class schedule. In addition, working in a university office will help you network with the faculty and staff. Not to mention, the clerical experience you gain will show potential employers that you are capable of working in an office environment.

  4. Painting

    Painting can be a great summer job for any college student who enjoys being active spending time outdoors. Not only will a painting job help you pay for the cost of college, but painting can be a great way to stay fit.

    This type of job would be great for a student who likes working with their hands and is detail oriented. There are places like Student Works Painting a company with painting contractors in Edmonton Alberta that caters specifically towards students and their schedules. If this sounds appealing look into it.

Consider these four employment options to help you financially while you’re in school. Paying for college can be a challenge, but by working part-time you can help reduce the cost of your college degree and make yourself even more desirable to employers once you graduate.

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