College Jobs That Actually Make Money

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Stereotypes rarely paint an accurate portrait of the groups they represent, but the poor college student stereotype is one of the exceptions.

College students spend years studying to increase their future earning potential, but college itself is an incredibly expensive investment.

Besides the cost of tuition, students are faced with immediate costs such as textbook fees, rent, and food expenses.

While finances are not always easy for college students to manage, there are plenty of jobs which offer pay above minimum wage and are actively looking for student employees.

Below is a list of some of the most prominent employment opportunities available to college students.

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  • Bank Teller

    Working at a bank can be an incredible opportunity for any college student, but is especially helpful for those pursuing a career in business or finance.

    Most banks only require that tellers have a high school diploma and tend to pay wages above $10 per hour.

    Being a bank teller is also an attractive option for college students who need a consistent schedule, as most banks only tend to stay open from 9 AM to 5 PM.

  • Tax Preparer

    College students who are looking for a great wage and experience with taxes could find a lucrative job working as a tax preparer.

    Given the hectic situation that tax season presents for a number of firms, many offices tend to look for extra help from local college students.

    While this type of employment is typically limited to the tax season, most college students work longs weeks making at least $12 an hour and find the experience to be a great addition to their resumé.

    Keep in mind, however, that becoming a tax preparer will require some additional education.

  • Dental Receptionist

    College students pursuing a career in the health sciences have found being a dental receptionist to be very rewarding, both professionally and financially.

    Given that many students in college are looking for a future career as a doctor or a nurse, this type of medical experience becomes very valuable when applying for extended education or medical school. Not to mention, the money is pretty great.

    The average dental receptionist makes roughly $14 an hour — more than enough to cover the costs that college students are often confronted with.

  • Tutor

    When many people think of tutors, they tend to think of a high school or college volunteer. In reality, tutoring is a very lucrative business depending on the specific work environment.

    Many college students have found tutoring jobs, whether they be for their university or through a learning center, which pay wages well above $10 an hour.

    In addition, tutoring is always regarded very highly for students looking to obtain a career in any field, but especially those who are education majors.

  • Nanny

    College students who have more patience than their peers have a great chance at finding a high paying job as a nanny. While wages for this type of work tend to vary from family to family, the average nanny makes about $13 an hour.

    Opportunities for this type of work are not always prominent in smaller areas, but students attending school in a large city can effortlessly find nanny jobs through the internet.

    Experience as a nanny is also helpful for those looking to work with smaller children later in their career.

Great Experiences, Livable Wages

While college students arguably struggle the most financially when compared to adults in other phases of their life, this does not mean there are not great jobs for those with the right work ethic.

With persistence and a little luck, college students can easily make enough money to upgrade their ramen noodle diet!

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