Color Psychology Your Small Business Needs To Know

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Colour is all around us. But we’re so used to it that we rarely think about the effect it has on our lives.

Colour creates emotions, inspires us to action, helps us relax and even makes us feel lucky.

But what is it about colour that’s so powerful?

In this article, we take a look at current color psychology research and think about how, as a small business owner, you can apply these insights to increase conversions, boost sales and build your audience.

What is colour psychology?

Color psychology is the study of how colours affect our mental state and behaviour. It looks at how our thoughts and actions change when we’re exposed to different colors or combinations of color.

This research helps us understand a wide range of phenomenon like:

  • Why color affects the taste of food

  • Why people feel productive in some environments but not others

  • Why we feel so relaxed in nature

  • Why some environments make us feel more anxious than others

It’s this range of applications that makes color psychology so powerful. People from fields as diverse as cookery and architecture need to know why color affects us the way it does.

It’s hard to accept that so much of how we feel and behave is conditioned by subconscious cues like color. Which is why our knee-jerk reaction to color psychology research is disbelief.

To prove to you just how important color it actually is, we’ve picked out 5 convincing facts from the research.

  1. People associate blue with calmness and (probably not coincidentally) blue is the most liked color among European and North American women and men.

  2. The emotions we feel when we see colors are closely tied to our experience. So, we feel calm around green because it reminds us of nature, but we feel disgust for greeny-yellow because it makes think about being sick.

  3. People spend more time inside shops that use soft lighting and much less time in stores that use a lot of red.

  4. 62-90 per cent of a person’s first impression about a product is driven by color. And it takes only 90 seconds for that impression to be formed.

  5. The amount of trust and satisfaction we feel for a particuar website is driven by its color and that’s true across different cultures.

Convincing right? Now let’s take a look at why this is relevant to your business.

The psychology of the most common colors

Color is just one visual feature that will make your small business successful. But as the facts above show, it is the most important. Which means you need to know what different colors mean and then choose the ones you use wisely.

Make sure your color choices:

  • Are right for your audience

  • Match your product or offer

  • Inspire the right emotions

  • Move people to action

To help you understand the basics, we’ve created the infographic below. It summarises the outcome of research into the most common colours used in branding worldwide.

Colour Psychology for Your Website [INFOGRAPHIC] - An Infographic from UKWebHostReview

Embedded from UKWebHostReview

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