Common Home Inspection Mistakes That Can Prove Expensive for Home Buyers

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It is pretty much the most obvious thing to get a house inspected before you make up your mind to buy it.

Since most people are not capable of analyzing the condition of a house, calling in a professionally-qualified home inspector becomes necessary.

However, if you do not stay involved during the entire process, you could still end up making mistakes that can prove really costly for you.

Some useful tips:

  • Not Choosing the Right Home Inspector

    While your real estate agent may be happy to suggest a name, you need to ensure that he is not only professionally-qualified but also competent.

    It may be a good idea to check up with the local chapter of the association of home inspectors or ask your friends and neighbors for recommendations.

    You should make it a point to thoroughly interview the inspector and find out details of his training, qualifications, licensing, and compliance with continuing education requirements.

    Above all, it is most vital that both of you can communicate well and he appears to be confident about his skills.

  • Not Being Present During the Actual Inspection

    As an involved home buyer, it is essential that you are present during the home inspection and indeed the leading home inspectors even expect your presence.

    By being there, you can discuss with the inspector about his observations and also ensure that all parts of the house are inspected, including hard to access areas.

    By ensuring a thorough check, the potential for problems cropping up at a later stage can be minimized.

  • Being Too Afraid to Ask Questions

    Unless you are an architect or a contractor, it is quite likely that your knowledge about the insides of houses will be limited.

    However, that should not prevent you from asking as many questions as you like during the inspection.

    Keeping silent and accepting whatever the home inspector says is downright silly as it is your investment, comfort, and safety that are on the line here.

    Even at the cost of looking stupid, be sure to ask all the questions you like and seek clarifications if his answers don’t make sense.

    Building inspections cost a fair amount so feel free to assure yourself that everything is as it should be.

  • Not Checking Out the Utilities and Water

    You should ensure that that the utilities are turned on and that they are thoroughly checked at the time of the inspection.

    This check will reveal if there is sufficient water flow, whether the pipes leak, the drains work properly, etc.

    Identifying the problems before buying the house can save you a significant amount of money.

    If the water source is from a well, then a contamination test is absolutely necessary. In fact, irrespective of the source of the water, getting the test done is recommended to avoid putting your family’s health at risk.


Most people focus on getting only old homes inspected but it is a good practice to get even new homes thoroughly inspected to avoid being surprised by defective design and construction.

Buying a house is possibly the largest investment you will ever make in your lifetime so getting an assurance from a professional is always a worthwhile expense.

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