Communication Is One Small Step For Advancing Career

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Many workers today feel they deserve a move up the corporate ladder. In any field, communicating with your peers and especially managers is an important part of bigger paycheck and promotion. These days, because of technology, you are able to communicate with almost anybody. Take advantage of the resources available.

Showcasing and acquiring a few more talents will leverage a worker’s worth and allow them to move up the career ladder.

I say communication is one small step because it is not very difficult to take. However, try to be someone between extreme extrovert and extreme introvert.

Soft skills vs Hard skills

Of course, you should have a well-deserved know-how in your own field. That’s called hard skills. This post is for folks who want to better their soft skills. Soft skills are important in any field. Hard skills are specific to your own field.

All humans have the ability to follow these and other straits. We are, at the core of our existence, social animals. We ought to be able to bring out such qualities in us and get benefits from them to get promotion and make more money.

Here are four small steps you could take that would result in collecting a bigger paycheck and/or promotion.

  1. Networking

    The old adage is true. It’s not just what you know, it’s who you know. Develop contacts and relationships with your peers and managers. Have good professional relationships inside your company, not only in your group but with folks working in other groups as well. But try not to take this too far by kissing-up. Keep your self-respect.

  2. Socialize

    MIT researchers found that employees are productive who socialize with one another between tasks. They are not productive when they socialize during tasks or not socialize at all.

    When you are productive, chances are that not only will you keep your job but you might as well get a raise.

    Socializing at work doesn’t seem to enjoy the best reputation among people who aren’t naturally outgoing. Get to know your water cooler and co-workers. You never know who might have that golden Rolodex.

  3. Keep a lookout

    Look out for better jobs inside and outside your company with more responsibilities so that you are on your way to promotion and better pay.

    Not only should you be able to keep an eye on the market, but you should also get an idea for what these positions require and which of your skills you might need to work on to bridge the gap.

  4. Continue to network with co-workers

    You are unhappy at work and know that your departure is inevitable. If this is true, don’t make the mistake of checking out mentally. This is the time when you want to be at your best – keep on top of industry developments, sharpen your skills, and continue to network with co-workers.

In a Nutshell
Soft skills are as important as hard skills, may be more so as you keep climbing up the corporate ladder.

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