Construction Accidents: When Injured On a Construction Site

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Construction sites tend to be accident sites as well. Perhaps one of the construction workers had a building block fall on their toes.

There was the other one who hammered his fingers while fixing the trappers. There is another one who inhaled too much of cement and now he is down with bronchitis.

Generally, there are just so many opportunities of getting injured while you are at a construction site. There are some injuries that are allowed but then some others are as a result of negligence and these can warrant a personal injury lawsuit.

This article is not going to explore all forms of accidents that occur on the construction sites but will focus mainly on scaffolding accidents.

As already mentioned, construction site accidents can take one of so many forms. Scaffolding accidents are just among the many.

However they have been of significant interest to many legal practitioners and construction site owners. A scaffolding accident can lead to death and not just a mere injury.

If the accident could be prevented but still you got injured then the construction accident lawyer will come in really handy.

  • Scaffolding laws

    You most probably have no idea what the law says about scaffolding and why should you? It is the work of the personal injury attorneys to advise you according to the law.

    Therefore, before you begin a construction project, get in touch with the likes of Jason Epstein attorney at law in Seattle. He has years of experience in personal injury cases and will be most helpful in determining whether you have a case or not.

    In most states, the scaffold law offers protection for workers who are at the risk of getting injured in elevation-related hazards.

    As a construction worker, you are protected by the law in the event that you are at risk of getting injured by falling objects at the site. It is the responsibility of the general contractor or the owner of the construction site to ensure that the workers are fully protected. This however applies only to commercial constructions and not to owners of one or even two family homes.

    By law, all scaffolds that are beings used in any kind of construction, demolition, painting and cleaning or repairs should provide appropriate protection to the users and everyone around.

    The scaffolding also has to be fastened to avoid the swaying. It should be maintained in mint condition. The construction site owner or contractor will be liable for accidents that occur as a result of malfunctioning of a safety device.

Bottom line
In the case that the scaffold is not erect appropriately or there was not training given to the workers on how to use it, the injured parties have the authority to file claims for damages. This is why it is important to get in touch with an attorney who has experience in personal injury and construction law. They will be in a better position to explain the dynamics of the case better.

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