Covid-19 increases playground equipment sell

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In contrast to many other businesses, the playground equipment sell is booming after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Especially in the US market, the number of sales becomes double after the governmental decision of closing schools.

Parents are buying playground equipment to keep active and safe their children as well as themselves during this world crisis.

The entire consumption habit has been changed after the coronavirus outbreak.

Kids’ health is a great concern for parents. After closing schools due to Covid-19, the daily routine of a kid has been changed. They are being deprived of physical activity, which was ensured by playgrounds. Parents are now moving to the personal playground equipment to keep their kids physically active.

  • People Are Avoiding Public Places

    People of all ages are at risk of being infected by the coronavirus. Everyone is taking sufficient measures to keep themselves safe. It is advised to keep six feet distance from one person to another. Adult people can take their protection, but kids are not concern about this. They continuously move from here and there of the playground and are quite prone to touching their nose, face, eyes, etc., at intervals. So, parents and kids both are avoiding public places like parks, playgrounds, etc. Instead, they are buying playground equipment for themselves.

    Johns Hopkins expert Keshia Pollack Porter said in an interview that, ‘There’s evidence that the coronavirus can transmit through droplets on objects and surfaces so, for right now, we don’t want kids to touch each other or even to touch an object that another child has just touched, like a ball or playground equipment.’

    He is a professor of health policy and management and associate dean for faculty development at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. He also suggested supplying enough potential materials for kids’ physical exercise and mental health.

  • Covid-19 increases playground equipment sell

  • Playground Equipment is Booming in the Sale

    Sales of exercise and playground equipment are on the rise. According to a recent survey, in the US, sales of fitness equipment shot up 55% between January and March lockdowns began to be activated.

    In a news article published on March 29, 2020, BBC says that bicycles, exercise gear, indoor and outdoor games, playground equipment are booming in the sale. People are tending to these types of products.

    BBC quoted Andy Beresford, a games supplier, and he said that his entire stock of outdoor table tennis table is sold within a week. He also stated he sold 124 tables last week, but in the same week of last year, he sold just 15.

  • Changes in consumption habits

    Due to the outbreak, many fitness facilities and clubs are still closed, and outdoor sports practice is limited. As a result, fitness instructors are moving to online classes. Even downloads of fitness apps are growing significantly.

In the above circumstances, when people are not going to a gym or fitness center, they are buying equipment to use in a homely environment. The situation has defined a new shape of consumption habits.

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