Creating the best designs for your Instagram marketing campaign

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Instagram is introducing a lot of innovative ways to do promotions as the recent launch of the Carousel Ads, custom call-to-action tab, and API for Instagram ads, etc.

There is no doubt that rather than being fun to share image networking platforms, Instagram is carving out their No.1 position as one of the major social media advertising platforms too for big and small brands alike.

Some case studies on Instagram brand advertising

You can see some quotable case studies of Instagram-based brand promotions by the leading brands showing sizable results as below:

  • Levi always put in the best on Instagram, and it was one of the first leading global brands started advertising on this platform. Their results show some reassuring results as one of the latest nine-day campaign ended up in reaching to 7.4 M people in the United States, with 24% of the viewers recognized and remember seeing the ad on Instagram.

  • L’Oréal had run their winter-collection theme campaign on Instagram by naming it as “Go bold or go home” and “Dare to stand out,” which was targeting the women of age group 18 to 49. The case study had shown results as the ad created a huge impact on the brand recognition, which included a 7-point lift in the total ad recall compared to the performance of the control group.

What in common for both of these brand campaigns was a greater degree of creativity? Instagram is meant to beautify image, designs, and photographs and the content advertising on mobile channel is no exception.

However, when it comes to brining in admirable creativity into Instagram campaigns, people are confused even when there are a lot of quick-win guides available out there.

So, here we will list out a comprehensive overview of the objective of Instagram best practices by ensuring a strong base concept, clear focal point, inspirational imagery, and a fine balance which the brands to pay attention keen attention to.

  1. Focus on a concept

    When you are thinking of Instagram promotions, a strong and alluring concept is essential to drive in real traffic.

    Just to say something about your brand is not enough, but you need to efficiently resonate with the target audience and the underlying message needed to be reached to people to get them instantly connected.

    Any idea comes to life by creating a compelling storyline, unique visual elements, and themes which represent the brand content.

    The promoters should let the concept drive the creative production, which needs to decide the way how people engage on Instagram to drive in real Instagram likes and engagement.

  2. Do appropriate framing

    A pleasant and soothing composition acts in the background of successful promotional campaigns. This can be achieved through balancing various elements, practicing symmetry, and the rule of thirds.

    Overall aesthetics of it needs to be in line with the message and the unique brand identity you want to propel.

    If the subject matter stays off-center and there is nothing else to balance the void space of the image, then your promotional image may seem a bit tense, which may end up in a negative association with the brand.

    Usage of compositional grid lines is recommended to frame your content rightly.

  3. Maintain a unique perspective

    You have to try and be unique consistently by giving your brand campaigns a customized touch which the customers will not find elsewhere.

    You can focus on any aspect of your brand, product, service, or even the other side of your brand which they have not ever seen.

    Many brands focus on the brand feel with the backstage imagery, which seems to make Instagram a more creative and compelling space.

    GE is one brand which always comes up with excellent and traceable innovative promotional ideas. The company uses their official Instagram account to show their audience the behind the scene of their business by displaying new prototypes they work on, showcasing background technology, and how things work.

    These images are grand and inspiring to the customers by seeing all the work, attention, and creativity behind GE products, which doubles the brand admiration.

  4. Set a focal point

    Look at Nike’s Instagram imagery, and you will instantly notice something likes a branded shoe or sportswear.

    This is intentional as the images are carefully woven to set it as a focal point. Your eyes are immediately drawn to those which are set as focal points. This is what a promoter wants to achieve, and a photographer needs to do – set a focal point.

    Brands must use such focal points on their Instagram content to draw attention to specific elements, which will ensure brand recognition and inspire the spectators. It is done if you can hold the attention of your audience for a few seconds to the focal point to get it registered and make them remember it.

    You can aesthetically arrange the Instagram image composition to set the focal point accordingly to grab attention. It is better to avoid using any imagery which is complex or overlying.

Along with all these, your primary objective of Instagram campaigns must always be providing the audience with the most delightful content and seamless experiences across the content.

Subtle framing, consistency, and perfect branding everything falls into place when you come up with the most relevant imagery.

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